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The Freight Yard is a topside area of the Black Mesa Research Facility. Connected to the New Mexico Railroad Line, the Freight Yard is used to ship freight in and out of the facility. It is connected to the Red Line of the Black Mesa Transit System.[1]


This area consists of the Train Yard, the Freight Warehouses, and its three-story administrative building, the Freight Management Offices. Under the office area is a small tunnel portion, the Steam Tunnel Maintenance Area, leading to the basement of one of the warehouses. This basement either leads to the Freight Management Offices or to the Section A-17 Prototype Labs, located further below and accessed through an elevator hidden by recent transformations. The surface area is also connected to the Black Mesa South Access and Sector G's Drainage Canal, through a manhole.

Half-Life: Blue Shift

In Half-Life: Blue Shift, Barney Calhoun passes through the Freight Yard in search for Dr. Rosenberg. He finds the Freight Yard under HECU control and has to fight through them to get to Dr. Rosenberg. Along the way he finds other trapped members of the Black Mesa Science Team, the HECU having put them into the containers for questioning.


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