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"Good work! Now throw the ball over the ledge."

The Futbol is a feature cut from Portal 2’s co-op mode.


Futbol dispenser

Futbol dispenser.

  • The Futbol apparently was to require ATLAS and P-body to play against each other, and throw a Futbol ball into the opponent's socket, one of the schemes set up by GLaDOS to force them to compete against each other.
  • Entities exist for the ball (as well as gibs), a dispenser and a socket; the ball and the dispenser models can be found in the game, the socket cannot, though it may be the same as that used for the Edgeless Safety Cube Receptacle. The ball has two separate properties for use in-game, "glass" and "explosive". The ball can be spawned only through the dispenser.
  • The feature can be used in game after placing the entities in a map. Upon playing, it appears that the ball is very fragile and will break upon touching the floor. The explosive feature was probably to add more difficulty to the game, probably damaging or killing the robot that would be standing nearby.
  • In the Portal 2 subtitle files can be found two lines that may have to be used by GLaDOS during a game of Futbol: "Nice catch, Orange.", which is heard when P-body fails catching any of the Aperture cubes, and "Good work! Now throw the ball over the ledge.".
  • "Fútbol" is "football" (soccer) as written in Spanish.
  • "Futbol" is "football" (soccer) as written in Polish and Turkish.

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