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The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit Double Turret, commonly referred to as the HECU Double Turret, is a stationary turret fully protected by sandbags, and used by the HECU in Sector E Materials Transport. It cannot be used by the player.


  • Manned by a single soldier, this turret consists of two cannons that fire rounds extremely fast, used behind sandbags to provide fire support and fortify crucial Materials Transport locations, such as the door to the topside area of the High Altitude Launch Center, the tracks near the root of the rocket, and a small triage area.
  • Defeating it is difficult, as firing most weapons at the front opening is ineffective. The most common way of destruction is a well placed grenade, or other explosives. It will kill the soldier behind, stopping the weapon. Another viable tactic is to quickly sprint very close, where machinegun cannot hurt you and take down the soldier with guns. Speed is important.


As the weapon is a brush using the entity "func_tank", each HECU soldier located behind them are idle, except the last Double Turret, whose soldier can himself shoot the player if getting too close.

It is unusable by the player, even when "noclipping" behind it, with or without the soldier being there.


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