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The HK-707[1] is a static weapon/enemy that was cut from Half-Life 2. It can be found in the Half-Life 2 Beta model files.


  • In early versions of Half-Life 2, the player was to maneuver missiles around certain areas. The HK-707 was to be a static autocannon designed to destroy these missiles with its two cannons.[2] Its model also has a gibs version, showing it was to be destroyable.[1]
  • Its design is somewhat similar to the Suppression Device located at the top of the Overwatch Nexus in Half-Life 2 and the texture under its top features shapes recalling the Citadel Core logo.
  • It also recalls the HECU-controlled mounted missile launchers seen in the Black Mesa Transit System in Half-Life.
  • Hl2proto missiled3

    Back of the 707 with its handle on its back.

    It is unknown if it was to be automatic or operated by an NPC, although it features a handle on its back.
  • It was probably to be a fictional Heckler & Koch weapon, Half-Life 2 featuring other weapons of the same manufacturer.
  • Its name is written several times on its body, while the model is simply named "Missile_Defense".
  • Its entity, "npc_missiledefense", can still be found in Hammer, but generates an error.


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