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Half-Life: Alyx has 42 achievements on Steam.


Image Description Chapter
Achievement Good Grub.jpg Good Grub
Feed the snark.
Instructions: Grab the container labeled "Not Coffee" and shake it above the Snark's jar.
Achievement Hit and Run.jpg Hit and Run
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after breaking out of the Combine Prisoner Transport.
01: Entanglement
Achievement On a Roll.jpg On a Roll
Interact with the playground somehow.
Instructions: Pick up the red bucket off the ground and roll it down the slide.
01: Entanglement
Achievement Little Slugger.jpg Little Slugger
Instructions: Grab the Scout figurine and use it to represent Alyx in the holographic map.
01: Entanglement
Achievement Eye of the Geiger.jpg Eye of the Geiger
Instructions: Grab the Geiger counter off the shelf and measure Russell with it.
01: Entanglement
Achievement Mag-Snagger.jpg Mag-Snagger
Instructions: Catch Russell's ammo magazine before it hits the ground using either the Gravity Gloves or your hands.
01: Entanglement
Achievement Gnome Vault of My Own.jpg Gnome Vault of My Own
Instructions: While in Russell's Lab, grab either the Garden Gnome or the gnome bottle opener and take it to The Vault. The gnome can be found on a couch outside in the backyard, while the bottle opener is located on the side of his fridge.
01: Entanglement to 10: Breaking and Entering
Achievement Quaranta Giorni.jpg Quaranta Giorni
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after entering the Quarantine Zone.
02: The Quarantine Zone
Achievement Freshly Squeezed.jpg Freshly Squeezed
Test your grip on a headcrab heart.
Instructions: Squeeze one of the headcrab hearts in Gary's kitchen.
02: The Quarantine Zone
Achievement Sustenance.jpg Sustenance
Receive a tasty treat.
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after Gary offers Alyx a Headcrab.
02: The Quarantine Zone
Achievement Zombie with a Shotgun.jpg Zombie with a Shotgun
Collect the shotgun.
03: Is Or Will Be
Achievement Xen Garden.jpg Xen Garden
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after entering the explosive Xen infestation.
03: Is Or Will Be
Achievement Off the Rails.jpg Off the Rails
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after stopping the prisoner transport train.
03: Is Or Will Be
Achievement Checking In.jpg Checking In
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after entering the Northern Star.
05: The Northern Star
Achievement Heart-Breaker Hotel.jpg Heart-Breaker Hotel
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after using Reviver hearts to power Combine Heavy Doors.
05: The Northern Star
Achievement Surface Tension.jpg Surface Tension
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after escaping the underground pit.
05: The Northern Star
Achievement Unbonded.jpg Unbonded
Collect the SMG.
05: The Northern Star
Achievement Cord-Cutter.jpg Cord-Cutter
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after shuting down the Combine Substation at the Northern Star.
05: The Northern Star
Achievement Blast From the Past.jpg Blast from the past
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after defusing a roomful of explosive barrels.
06: Arms Race
Achievement Near-Jeff Experience.jpg Near-Jeff Experience
Instructions: Stay close to Jeff for 10 seconds.
07: Jeff
Achievement Crustacean Frustration.jpg Crustacean Frustration
Instructions: Kill the headcrab that keeps alerting Jeff.
07: Jeff
Achievement Hold Your Liquor.jpg Hold Your Liquor
Instructions: Catch a falling bottle before it breaks and alerts Jeff.
07: Jeff
Achievement Sound Strategy.jpg Sound Strategy
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after escaping the distillery, leaving Jeff trapped in the trash compactor.
07: Jeff
Achievement Flat Note.jpg Flat Note
Instructions: Kill Jeff with the trash compactor.
07: Jeff
Achievement Team Spirit.jpg Team Spirit
Instructions: Store one or two bottles of vodka in the wrist pockets until the next chapter.
07: Jeff
Achievement Sea Level.jpg Sea Level
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after reaching the aquatic exhibits at the zoo.
08: Captivity
Achievement Triple Bypass.jpg Triple Bypass
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after solving the tanker yard's electrical puzzle.
09: Revelations
Achievement High Water March.jpg High Water March
Instructions: Story-related. Earned when climbing the water tower.
09: Revelations
Achievement Textbook Jinxing.jpg Textbook Jinxing
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after waking the fallen Strider.
10: Breaking and Entering
Achievement Point Extraction.jpg Point Extraction
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after reaching the inner level of the Vault.
11: Point Extraction
Achievement Consequences.jpg Consequences
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after striking the Combine Advisor.
11: Point Extraction
Achievement Mazel Tov.jpg Mazel Tov
Pick up and smash 50 glass bottles.
Any chapter
Achievement Smash and Grab.jpg Smash and Grab
Break open a supply crate with your hands.
Any chapter
Achievement Dead Giveaway.jpg Dead Giveaway
Loot a corpse.
Any chapter
Achievement Up in Arms.jpg Up in Arms
Install your first pistol upgrade.
Any chapter
Achievement Pro-Pain.jpg Pro-Pain
Kill a grunt by shooting their gas tank.
Any chapter
Achievement Indirect Approach.jpg Indirect Approach
Kill a Combine Heavy while their shield is up.
Any chapter
Achievement Combine Harvester.jpg Combine Harvester
Use the gravity gloves to loot an item off a living Combine soldier.
Any chapter
Achievement Xen Lootism.jpg Xen Lootism
Snatch a Xen Grenade from its resting place.
Instructions: Quickly snatch it from its plant or "tickle" the plant's stem in order to have it relinquish the grenade.
Any chapter
Achievement Safe Trip.jpg Safe Trip
Use the multitool to hack a tripmine.
Any chapter
Achievement Deadliest Catch.jpg Deadliest Catch
Use the Gravity Gloves to intercept an incoming enemy grenade in mid-flight.
Any chapter
Achievement Gnome alone.jpg Gnome Alone
If you are reading this achievement, Gabe Newell has successfully launched Gnome Chompski into space. If you did not also receive the achievement 'Manufacturing Ascent', Newell has abandoned his plans to shoot Noam Chomsky into space.
Instructions: Simply starting the game will unlock it.


The achievement Gnome Alone was added to Half-Life: Alyx in an update[1] on November 18, 2020, as a means to create awareness for Rockets Lab's Return To Sender mission launched on November 20. [2][3]


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