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The Half-Life: Alyx Soundtrack was composed by Mike Morasky and released in a chronological fashion following the respective chapters of the game over the course of almost two years from May of 2020 all the way to July 2022. The soundtrack is fully available on all major streaming platforms including but not limited to Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon and Apple Music as well as being purchasable from it's own individual store page on Steam.[1]

Track list[]

💿 #️⃣ ⏱️ Title
Chapter 1 01 02:32 Exposing Hostile
Notes: Soundtrack for the announcement trailer, it does not play in the game itself.
Chapter 1 02 00:14 Valve: Alyx
Notes: Plays during Mr. Valve's presentation. Remix of Hazardous Environments.
Chapter 1 03 08:21 Coetaneous Entanglement
Notes: Plays during the Intro sequence in the balcony at Alyx's Apartment.
Chapter 1 04 00:26 Construction Strider
Notes: Plays during the first sighting of a Strider near Alyx's Apartment.
Chapter 1 05 03:17 Engage. Quell. Inquire.
Notes: Plays while seeing Olga and the Metro Cops for the first time, and when Alyx is stopped by Combine units in the elevator, as they take Eli away.
Chapter 1 06 02:07 Insubordinate Relocation
Notes: Plays after Alyx is rescued from the Combine by Russell's drone.
Chapter 1 07 00:26 City 17 Strider
Notes: Plays during the second sighting of a Strider near Russell's Lab.
Chapter 1 08 02:26 Thirty Seven After Six
Notes: Diegetic music from the radio in Russell's apartment, outside the secret entrance. The in-game version has radio noise.
Chapter 1 09 01:24 From Here to There in Under a Second
Notes: Plays inside Russell's Lab.
Chapter 2 01 06:15 Quaranta Giorni
Notes: Plays when the Quarantine Zone's vault door is opened.
Chapter 2 02 03:15 Xombies
Notes: Plays during the first engagement with zombies, in the subway.
Chapter 2 03 02:36 Only One
Notes: Plays after the first encounter with individual headcrabs.
Chapter 2 04 05:18 Matter of Perspective
Notes: Plays during the first message from Gary, the cardboard in the shape of an eye.
Chapter 2 05 05:11 Severed from the Vortessence
Notes: Plays when the character is investigating the strange markings on the wall.
Chapter 2 06 05:05 Is Or Will Be?
Notes: Plays during Gary's scene.
Chapter 3 01 02:23 What Did it Taste Like?
Notes: Plays during beginning of Chapter 3 and with the armored headcrabs.
Chapter 3 02 07:13 I Love This Gun
Notes: Plays during the shotgun's introductory sequence and subsequent battle.
Chapter 3 03 06:54 Extra-Dimensional Darkness
Notes: Plays during the flashlight acquisition sequence, and introduction of poison headcrabs.
Chapter 3 04 04:42 Quantum Cubicles
Notes: Plays during Chapter 3's most prominent survival horror segment, featuring bad visibility and multiple angles of approach.
Chapter 3 05 00:44 Infestation Control
Notes: Plays in the hallway where barnacles have killed a Combine Infestation Control team.
Chapter 3 06 02:36 Deployed and Designated to Prosecute
Notes: Plays during the first manhack attack.
Chapter 3 07 03:42 B3PbIBONACHOCTb
Notes: Plays during the journey through the explosive barrel-strewn basement. When read as Cyrillic lettering, the title roughly translates to "EXPLOSION".
Chapter 3 08 03:07 Anti-Citizen
Notes: Music for the first battle with Combine forces.
Chapter 3 09 01:36 Tri-Vector Pre-Reverberation
Notes: Plays in the back room of the railway control station (Adapted from Space Ocean and Echoes of a Resonance Cascade, from the first and second Half-Life games respectively).
Chapter 3 10 03:09 Harsh Industrial Train Crash
Notes: What it says on the tin.
Chapter 3 11 03:59 The Advisors
Notes: Plays after the train crash while Alyx is venturing through the rubble.
Chapter 3 12 02:10 Prisoner Pod
Notes: Plays after Eli's pod is spotted.
Chapter 4 01 00:30 Charger
Notes: Plays during the first ambush by this Combine subtype.
Chapter 4 02 02:32 Scanning Hostile Biodats
Notes: Plays during the Combine battle in the subway.
Chapter 4 03 03:07 Substation
Notes: Plays in the street in front of the Northern Star.
Chapter 5 01 03:42 Alien Flora
Notes: Plays when Xen matter is encountered in the Northern Star.
Chapter 5 02 02:05 Alien Fauna
Notes: Plays intermittently before and during the first Lightning Dog battle. The music sting by itself appears several times when it is seen.
Chapter 5 03 01:56 Requiem Vortessence
Notes: Diegetic music, heard throughout the game from captive Vortigaunts.
Chapter 5 04 03:12 Lightning Dog
Notes: Plays during the second battle with the Lightning Dog.
Chapter 5 05 06:15 Arachnophobia
Notes: Plays within the poison headcrab nest and journey upwards past the Combine barricade.
Chapter 5 06 03:12 Rabid Lightning
Notes: Plays during the third Lightning Dog battle, when two are faced at once.
Chapter 5 07 03:23 Extract. Resonate. Isolate.
Notes: Plays during the dismantling of the first substation.
Chapter 5 08 03:06 Level-5, Anti-Civil Activities
Notes: Plays during the Combine battle on the street in front of the Northern Star.
Chapter 6 01 01:58 Vortessence Lux
Notes: Redo of Requiem Vortessence with backing music.
Chapter 6 02 00:56 Hacking
Notes: Music that plays during hacking.
Chapter 6 03 04:04 Outbreak is Uncontained
Notes: Plays during the fight in front of the distillery.
Chapter 6 04 01:55 Processing Tripmines
Notes: Plays when traversing the minefielded room. (Adapted from Steam in the Pipes and Negative Pressure, from the first and second Half-Life games respectively)
Chapter 7 01 02:40 Xenfestation Control
Notes: Plays upon entry to the distillery.
Chapter 7 02 02:00 Sunset Vault
Notes: Plays anytime the Vault is visible during Chapter 7.
Chapter 7 03 05:26 Ear Like Mozart
Notes: Plays when Jeff is first introduced to the player from the catwalk.
Chapter 7 04 01:32 Jeff
Notes: Plays when the player first encounters Jeff on the ground, when the garage door is rolled open.
Chapter 7 05 05:29 Elevatormuzik
Notes: Plays when the lights are shut off, and the player must release Jeff from the freezer.
Chapter 7 06 01:53 Trash Compactor Waltz
Notes: Diegetic, plays on the elevator's speakers during the ride with Jeff.
Chapter 7 07 01:20 Quantum Antlion Tunnel
Notes: Plays when the tunnel to the zoo is opened.
Chapter 8 01 02:38 Cats
Notes: Diegetic, plays in the zoo. Features faint speech in Russian talking about some kind of animal.
Chapter 8 02 02:43 Beasts of Prey
Notes: Plays during the first Antlion encounter.
Chapter 8 03 01:33 Insects and Reptiles
Notes: Diegetic, plays in the zoo.
Chapter 9 01 01:18 The Last Substation
Notes: Plays during the sequence when the Vault falls and is caught by the backup.
Chapter 9 02 04:46 Trans-Human Crossfire
Notes: Plays during the first Antlion-Combine tag team attack.
Chapter 9 03 01:05 Let Me Talk To Your Super-Advisor
Notes: Plays when information about a prisoner is overheard.
Chapter 9 04 07:02 Terin #6
Notes: Plays during the battle in the train yard.
Chapter 10 01 01:39 Infestation Ambience
Notes: Plays during the underground pipe puzzle (Adapted from Cavern Ambience and Zero Point Energy Field, from the first and second Half-Life games respectively).
Chapter 10 02 02:33 A Gentle Docking
Notes: Plays during the (ironically not gentle) attempt to bring the Vault in.
Chapter 10 03 02:13 Overload Protocol
Notes: Plays when Alyx wakes up in the rubble.
Chapter 10 04 04:45 Cauterizer
Notes: Plays when the damaged Strider wakes up.
Chapter 10 05 05:24 P1
Notes: Plays during the battle in the parking garage.
Chapter 10 06 05:07 Gravity Perforation Detail
Notes: Plays during the final rush to the Vault and when the Strider is being shot.
Chapter 11 01 03:27 Reality Disruption Pulse
Notes: Plays when entering the suspended-in-time apartment complex.
Chapter 11 02 04:36 Icosahedron
Notes: Plays when first seeing from afar The Vault's inner core.
Chapter 11 03 08:20 Supersymmetry Dilation
Notes: Plays when encountering illusions of civilians and residents within the fragmented block.
Chapter 11 04 02:06 Stringularity
Notes: Plays when altered physics ensue, rooms upside down and furniture on the ceiling as well as objects floating aimlessly around.
Chapter 11 05 02:08 Ekpyrosis
Notes: Played when the various rooms of the slum start to tear apart.
Chapter 11 06 08:24 Alice Matter
Notes: Plays when Alyx finally escapes the high-rise and reaches for the main bridge corridor leading to the Icosahedron.
Chapter 11 07 02:55 Gravity Grenade Conflict
Notes: Plays when Alyx harnesses Vortigaunt energy and fends off the incoming Combine soldiers.
Chapter 11 08 02:42 Superimposition
Notes: Plays during the player's first sight of the Icosahedron in which the mysterious prisoner is kept.
Chapter 11 09 03:31 Consequences
Notes: Plays during the cutscene with the G-man after busting his holding cell.
Chapter 11 10 02:28 HIRE
Notes: Plays over the end credits.


  • Each and every cover of the soundtrack's eleven chapters corresponds with a scenery or element of focus from each respective chapter:
    • The cover of chapter one depicts the lofty Citadel under construction as seen from the balcony of Alyx' apartment block.
    • The cover of chapter two depicts the harrowing sight of a rotting cadavre suspended by tangled wires and Xen flora.
    • The cover of chapter three depicts the "all seeing eye", formed from nearby waste and debris by Gary using Vorti-energy to lead Alyx to his cottage.
    • The cover of chapter four depicts the seemingly unreachable and adamantine Vault at the hearth of the quarantine zone where Alyx is headed towards.
    • The cover of chapter five depicts the main street terrace in the sub-urban area where a Vortigaunt is kept as a living battery for the Vault, soon to be freed by Alyx.
    • The cover of chapter six depicts a combine solider as seen in the holographic agitprop displayed on various building blocks across City 17.
    • The cover of chapter seven depicts the blood-curling and grotesque mutated radge known to the player simply under the byname of Jeff.
    • The cover of chapter eight depicts an antlion found at the overrun Zoo which Alyx passes thru on her way to the Vault.
    • The cover of chapter nine depicts a Combine Advisor who guards the main luggage transported alongside resistance leader Eli Vance.
    • The cover of chapter ten depicts the inner core center-piece of the Vault where a high-importance prisoner is kept.
    • The cover of chapter eleven depicts the ominous G-man in a blurry frame.
  • This is the first soundtrack released by Valve to be structured by chapter and order of play within the game, as all preceeding soundtracks have their tracks haphazardly listed.
    • For example Dark Energy within the Half-Life 2: Soundtrack is listed before Requiem for Ravenholm in the commercial track list despite the track first playing the next chapter over. Furthermore the 7th track, Pulse Phase, plays long after the high majority of the later tracks within the actual game.
  • Kelly Bailey, despite not working for Valve anymore, has kept contact with Mike Morasky and guided the overall development of the soundtrack.
    • His artistic presence can be most clearly heard in the 72nd and final track of the soundtrack, HIRE.
    • Despite his known contribution to the soundtrack, the wiki is not legally allowed to credit him nor any other platform.
  • From Here to There in Under a Second is named after a book that can be found in the game, written by Dr. Kleiner.
  • Thirty-Seven After Six refers to a stopped clock outside of Russell's laboratory. This has been confirmed as the source of the name by Mike Morasky in emails.
  • In keeping with tradition, a couple of tracks from older Half-Life games have been adapted and remixed for Half-Life Alyx's soundtrack. These tracks include Tri-Vector Pre-Reverberation, Processing Tripmines, and Infestation Ambiance.
  • The seventh track "B3PbIBONACHOCTb" from the third chapter, despite apparently trying to approximate Russian, is not written in Cyrillic. This could be intentional in order to maximize compatibility with music systems that do not support Cyrillic characters. It is correctly written as ВЗРЫВООПАСНОСТЬ (Vzryvoopasnost') which can be roughly translated to "Explosion" or "Explosiveness".
  • First track of the second chapter and 10th track overall, Quaranta Giorni, is written in Italian and translates to English as "forty days".
  • Third track of the 9th album and 55th track overall, Let Me Talk To Your Super-Advisor, is a jest referring to the notorious phrase "Let Me Talk To Your Manager" often uttered by the infamous female archetype colloquially known as "Karen", representing a mean and narcissistic woman who always wants to have things her way and will threaten everyone out of her way. The humorous title is supposed to complement the scene in which a seemingly average woman talks with a bellicose attitude towards a Combine Advisor who could easily end her.
  • The soundtrack contains one song that doesn't appear in the game, the track in question being Exposing Hostile which only appears in the trailer for the game itself and is packaged as the first track of the first album, Entanglement. The game has only 71 tracks which if read backwards spells 17 as a nod to the City 17 sigil present on each and every main cover art for the individually released chapters as well as being the name of the city in which the action of the game takes place.
  • The name of the 5th track from the 11th album, Ekpyrosis, refers to an ancient Greek belief which states that the universe exists within cycles and that at the end of each cycle the universe is destroyed and begins anew afterwards. The way this conflagration happens is by the universe being consumed by it's own fire.



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