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Half-Life: Further Data is a series of companion CDs containing a collection of additional multiplayer models, maps and logos/sprays for Half-Life, distributed for free via retail channels in 1999.


Two CD releases are known:

  • Further Data V.1: a data/audio hybrid CD containing the Half-Life to game update and featuring two tracks from the Half-Life soundtrack, "Adrenaline Horror" and "Space Ocean".
  • Further Data V.2: a data-only disc containing the Half-Life to game update, allowing for installation of Team Fortress Classic.

Both releases contain the Half-Life: Uplink demo, and Half-Life: Further Data, a collection of multiplayer maps, models and logo sprays.

Exact release dates for the CDs are currently unknown. All files on the Further Data V.1 CD have a creation date of February 17, 1999. By comparison, Half-Life: Uplink was released on February 12, 1999. Creation dates on the Further Data V.2 CD vary, with the latest date being June 10, 1999.


The name is a reference to the sentence shown at the end of Uplink, "further data required".


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