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Half-Life 2: Episode One has 13 achievements on Steam.


Image Description Chapter
Zombie-que Zombie-que
Use flares to light 15 Zombies on fire.
Instructions: When, Gordon picks up a flare, it ignites. Then, he can run up to any zombie and hold the flare against it, causing it to ignite. Gordon may also use the Gravity Gun to pick up and throw a flare. Each flare should be good for at least 2 zombies. There are three locations with flares in Episode One: Right after the train derailment and before the elevator in Lowlife, and in the hospital in Urban Flight.
3: Lowlife to 4: Urban Flight
Watch Your Head! Watch Your Head!
Make it to the bottom of the Citadel's main elevator shaft in one piece.
Instructions: Story-related. Gordon must use the gravity gun to deflect the falling debris before it hits and breaks the elevator. It is easy to miss one, so it is recommended to save after each successful deflection.
1: Undue Alarm
Containment Containment
Contain the Citadel core.
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after successfully re-engaging the reactor's containment system.
2: Direct Intervention
Car Crusher Car Crusher
Use the cars to squash 15 antlions in Episode One.
Instructions: Gordon must kill 15 antlions by using the Gravity Gun to push a car onto an them.
3: Lowlife to 4: Urban Flight
Attica! Attica!
Destroy the gunship in the hospital attic.
Instructions: Story related. A reference to Al Pacino's character shouting "Attica!" in Sidney Lumet's film Dog Day Afternoon.
4: Urban Flight
Hlx kill enemies withoneenergyball Conservationist
Kill five enemies with the same Energy Ball.
Instructions: Using the alt fire on the AR2 Pulse Rifle, or using the Gravity Gun to control one of many energy balls found in the Citadel (or one fired at him by an Overwatch Elite), this feat can be achieved by firing into a narrow area with 5 or more Combine soldiers and letting it bounce around, killing them. It is possible to catch and fire the same ball multiple times.
Pacifist Pacifist
Contain the Citadel core without killing any stalkers.
Instructions: There are 2 stalkers in the core room that reset the Energy Ball holders with their lasers. To get the achievement Gordon cannot kill them, but instead has to move quickly after loading the two ball receptacles that are needed to cross any given bridge. If successful, the achievement is received at the same time as Containment, if Containment is not earned already.
2: Direct Intervention
Watch Your Head! Elevator Action
Survive long enough to get on the parking garage elevator.
Instructions: Story-related. Also a good time to get Zombie-que.
3: Lowlife
Live Bait Live Bait
Help Alyx snipe 30 enemies in Episode One.
Instructions: When Alyx grabs a sniper rifle, Gordon has to run around and draw enemies out into her view, letting her kill them instead of Gordon. He can use the Gravity Gun to remove obstacles so she can get a clearer shot as well.
4: Urban Flight
Hlx kill elitesoldier withhisenergyball Think Fast!
Kill an Elite Soldier with his own Energy Ball.
Instructions: Elite Soldiers will sometimes fire an energy ball at Gordon. When one does, Gordon must catch it with the Gravity Gun and fling it back. The specific Elite Soldier who fired the Energy Ball must be disintegrated in order for the achievement to unlock.
Citizen Escort Citizen Escort
Don't let any citizens die when escorting them to the escape train.
Instructions: When escorting citizens from Barney to the train in Exit 17, Gordon must not let any of them die. There are about four trips that must be made without a single citizen death. It is possible to do this while going for The One Free Bullet it just will not be as easy.
5: Exit 17
Escape From City 17 Escape From City 17
Escape City 17 with Alyx.
Instructions: Story-related. Earned after getting on the train.
5: Exit 17
The One Free Bullet The One Free Bullet
Finish the game firing exactly one bullet. Grenade, crowbar, rocket, and Gravity Gun kills are okay!
Instructions: From the time Episode One starts, to its conclusion, only one shot must be fired. The only shot necessary is a padlock on a fence door in Lowlife. Gordon should let Alyx do most of the shooting instead. Awarded at the same time as Escape From City 17 if the conditions are met, the achievement is similar to the Zombie Chopper achievement from Half-Life 2, except that it must be kept up throughout the entire game. The rocket launcher, crowbar, grenades, and the Gravity Gun are allowed to be used. MP7 Grenades are allowed to be used, but using the crossbow is also forbidden, despite it not using bullets.
1: Undue Alarm to 5: Exit 17

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