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The Soundtrack for Half-Life 2: Episode One contains several pieces of original music used throughout the game and composed by Kelly Bailey.

The Soundtrack was also included in the game directory of both demo and full Audiosurf releases on Steam, and in the bonus CD of the Russian version of The Orange Box.

In September 2014, to celebrate the release of Steam's Music Player, Valve re-released the Soundtrack for Episode One as free DLC available to those who own the game.[1]

Track list

# Title Length Location played
1 Disrupted Original 01:18 Lowlife: after Gordon and Alyx stumble upon the Zombines.
2 Combine Advisory 01:47 Undue Alarm: when entering the room full of Advisor Pods.
3 Guard Down 01:40 Urban Flight: after Gordon kills the Antlion Guard.
4 Darkness at Noon 00:56 Lowlife: before Gordon enters the air ducts.
5 Self Destruction 02:00 Lowlife: when Zombies attack while waiting for the elevator to the surface.
6 Eine Kleiner Elevatormuzik 01:15 Undue Alarm: before encountering the Stalkers.
7 What Kind of Hospital is This? 03:05 Urban Flight: while fighting Zombies in the Hospital.
8 Infraradiant 04:38 Direct Intervention: when Gordon enters the Citadel Core.
9 Decay Mode 03:07 Lowlife: when Gordon and Alyx reach the elevator to the surface.
10 Penultimatum 02:50 Exit 17: during the battle with the Strider.


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