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Half-Life 2: Episode Two has 23 achievements on Steam.


Image Description Chapter
Hlx kill enemies withphysics Bone Breaker
Kill 30 enemies with thrown physics objects.
Instructions: Once Gordon gets the Gravity Gun he must use it to pick up items and kill 30 enemies with it (the Gravity Gun must be used for the fatal blow to count).
Hlx kill enemy withhoppermine Deadly Harvest
Kill an enemy by planting a Hopper Mine.
Instructions: Once the Combine start using Hopper Mines, Gordon may pick them up with the Gravity Gun. Plant one in an enemy's path so that it activates to kill them. (The achievement will not unlock if the mine is thrown directly like a grenade; it must be planted then tripped.)
Ep2 break allwebs Piñata Party
Find and break every web cache.
Instructions: Gordon must break open all 9 Antlion Grub caches. The first is found on To the White Forest; the rest are found on This Vortal Coil.
1: To the White Forest to 2: This Vortal Coil
Ep2 beat antlioninvasion Into the Breach
Help Griggs and Sheckley hold off the antlion invasion inside the mine shaft.
2: This Vortal Coil
Ep2 beat antlionguards Twofer
Gordon must defeat both Antlion Guards outside the White Forest.
3: Freeman Pontifex
Ep2 kill enemies withcar Hit and Run
Run over 20 enemies with the car.
Instructions: Gordon must kill 20 enemies by running them over with the Muscle Car.
4: Riding Shotgun to 6: Our Mutual Fiend
Grave Robber Grave Robber
Steal a Zombine's grenade.
Instructions: When a Zombine presents a grenade, Gordon must use the Gravity Gun to steal it from its hand.
Ep2 kill poisonantlion Acid Reflex
Kill an acid Antlion Worker.
Instructions: Gordon must kill any of the Antlion Workers found in the Antlion caves.
Ep2 kill combinecannon Gunishment!
Destroy the Combine Autogun in the junkyard.
5: Under the Radar
Ep2 beat rocketcachepuzzle Gordon Propelled Rocket
Unlock the rocket launcher lambda cache in chapter Under The Radar.
Instructions: The second lambda cache that Gordon encounters is protected by a brief puzzle that requires him to use a grenade to fling himself onto a previously unreachable platform. Doing so successfully will unlock the achievement.
5: Under the Radar
Ep2 beat missilesilo2 Secondary Silo Secured
Secure the launch doors on Missile Silo 2.
6: Our Mutual Fiend
Ep2 beat racewithdog Pedal to the Metal
Beat Dog in a race to White Forest.
Instructions: When the race starts, Gordon must beat him to White Forest base.
5: Under the Radar
Hlx kill soldier withhisgrenade Hot Potat0wned
Kill a Combine soldier with his own grenade.
Instructions: When a Combine soldier throws a grenade at Gordon, he must grab it with the Gravity Gun and fling it back. The original thrower must be caught in the blast for the achievement to unlock.
Ep2 beat hunterambush Meet the Hunters
Survive the Hunter ambush with Alyx.
4: Riding Shotgun
Ep2 find allradarcaches Cache Checker
Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar.
Instructions: Gordon must find all 5 caches in the chapter.
5: Under the Radar
Ep2 beat whiteforestinn Quiet Mountain Getaway
Survive the ambush at the White Forest Inn.
5: Under the Radar
Ep2 kill hunter withflechettes Payback
Kill a Hunter with its own flechettes.
Instructions: When a Hunter fires its flechettes, Gordon must collect them using an object held by the Gravity Gun (such as a tire), then fire that object back at the Hunter in a kill shot. Note: not all objects with flechettes stuck into them will unlock this achievement.
Ep2 kill chopper nomisses Puttin' On a Clinic
Defeat the chopper in Episode Two without any misses.
Instructions: Gordon must kill the Hunter-Chopper by using the Gravity Gun to launch its bombs back at it, if he does not miss any shots then the achievement will unlock. It is recommended the player saves the game after each successful hit.
4: Riding Shotgun
Ep2 kill allgrubs Get Some Grub
Squish every Antlion Grub.
Instructions: When going through the first three chapters, Gordon must kill all 333 Antlion Grubs. Many guides can be found on the internet to help locate all of the grubs.
1: To the White Forest to 3: Freeman Pontifex
Ep2 beat game Defensive of the Armament
Save the missile silo from the Combine offensive.
6: Our Mutual Fiend
Ep2 put iteminrocket Little Rocket Man
Send the Garden Gnome into space.
Instructions: Very soon into the game, located in the communications center where Alyx first makes contact with White Forest, Gordon may crouch to find a Garden Gnome lying beneath a low platform. Escort this gnome through the bulk of the game until Gordon arrives at the missile silo at White Forest base. (It is not required that the gnome be with Gordon at all times; there are sections where the gnome can be left behind and retrieved later.) Gordon must place the gnome inside the rocket capsule and close the capsule door in order to unlock the achievement.
1: To the White Forest to 6: Our Mutual Fiend
Ep2 beat outland12 nobuildingsdestroyed Neighborhood Watch
Save all buildings outside the missile silo from destruction.
Instructions: Gordon must destroy all the Striders before they can blow up any buildings. Saving after each successful Strider defeat is recommended.
6: Our Mutual Fiend
Achievement Gnome alone Gnome Alone
If you are reading this achievement, Gabe Newell has successfully launched Gnome Chompski into space. If you did not also receive the achievement 'Manufacturing Ascent', Newell has abandoned his plans to shoot Noam Chomsky into space.
Instructions: Starting the game will unlock it.


The achievement Gnome Alone was added to Episode Two following a Half-Life: Alyx update[1] on November 18, 2020, as a means to create awareness for Rockets Lab's Return To Sender mission launched on November 20. [2][3]


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