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Composed by Kelly Bailey, the Soundtrack for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, was released in 2007 as a bonus CD bundled with the Russian version of The Orange Box. This release also contained tracks used in Episode One.

In September 2014, to celebrate the release of Steam's Music Player, Valve re-released the Soundtrack for Episode Two as free DLC available to those who own the game.[1]

Track list

# Title Length Location played
1 No One Rides For Free 01:03 Under the Radar: while Gordon and Alyx drive away from Station 21.
2 Dark Interval 01:35 T-Minus One: as the credits roll.
3 Nectarium 02:04 This Vortal Coil: when the Victory Mine Vortigaunt finds the larval extract.
4 Extinction Event Horizon 01:47 To The White Forest: as Gordon wakes up inside the train wreck.
5 Vortal Combat 03:15 This Vortal Coil: after the Vortigaunts arrive to help Gordon fight the final Antlion wave.
6 Sector Sweep 02:47 Riding Shotgun: after the encounter with the Barn Advisor.
7 Shu'ulathoi 02:38 Riding Shotgun: when Gordon and Alyx enter the barn with the Advisor.
8 Last Legs 02:08 Our Mutual Fiend: when Gordon fights the second wave of attacks to the White Forest Base.
9 Abandoned In Place 02:47 Our Mutual Fiend: during the Combine invasion of the White Forest Base.
10 Inhuman Frequency 01:50 This Vortal Coil: when the G-Man talks to Gordon as the Vortigaunts heal Alyx.
11 Hunting Party 03:30 Riding Shotgun: during the Hunter ambush.
12 Eon Trap 03:14 Under the Radar: during the ambush at the White Forest Inn.

Game Files

The following track is not present in the Russian version nor in the Steam release of the Soundtrack but can be found in the game files.

# Title Length Location played
13 Crawl Yard 01:47 Freeman Pontifex: near the first toxic waste pond.


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