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Half-Life 2 has 33 achievements on Steam.


Image Description Chapter
Hl2 makeabasket Two Points
Use Dog's ball to make a basket in the scrapyard.
Instructions: When Dog's "ball" is available, Gordon needs to pick it up with the Gravity Gun and successfully shoot it through the large basketball hoop on the far wall of the scrapyard. A green light on the hoop will indicate success. It is worth noting that the ball only has to pass through the hoop, and it does not matter whether it is from the top or bottom. Players may find it easier to shoot the ball up instead.
05: Black Mesa East
Hl2 put canintrash Submissive
Put the can in the trash.
01: Point Insertion
Hl2 hit cancop withcan Defiant
Hit the trashcan cop with the can.
01: Point Insertion
Hl2 escape apartmentraid Malcontent
Escape the apartment block raid.
01: Point Insertion
Hl2 break miniteleporter What cat?
Break the mini teleporter in Kleiner's lab.
Instructions: If Gordon uses the mini teleporter repeatedly, it will eventually break. Piling multiple objects on both ends or trying to teleport one large object might achieve this more quickly.
02: "A Red Letter Day" or 09a: Entanglement
Hl2 get crowbar Trusty Hardware
Get the crowbar.
02: "A Red Letter Day"
Hl2 kill barnacleswithbarrel Barnacle Bowling
Kill five barnacles with one explosive barrel.
Instructions: While in the sewers Gordon will come to a downward ramp. An explosive barrel will be at the top. Gordon should roll or throw the barrel down so that it is picked up by one of the five barnacles at the bottom. If Gordon shoots the barrel as it nears the top, it will ignite and detonate shortly thereafter, killing the barnacles.
03: Route Kanal
Hl2 get airboat Anchor's Aweigh!
Get the Airboat.
03: Route Kanal
Hl2 get airboatgun Heavy Weapons
Get the Airboat's mounted gun.
04: Water Hazard
Hl2 get gravitygun Zero-Point Energy
Get the Gravity Gun in Black Mesa East.
05: Black Mesa East
Hl2 beat cemetery Hallowed Ground
Escort Grigori safely through the church cemetery.
06: "We Don't Go To Ravenholm..."
Hl2 kill enemies withcrane OSHA Violation
Kill 3 enemies using the crane.
Instructions: Gordon must use the electromagnet shipping crane to kill 3 Combine soldiers.
07: Highway 17
Hl2 pin soldier tobillboard Targetted Advertising
Pin a soldier to the billboard in the chapter Highway 17.
Instructions: Visible from the hill where Gordon first finds the crossbow, there is a billboard in the distance. Using the crossbow's scope, Gordon will see a soldier standing in front of the billboard. A successful hit will pin the soldier to the billboard, unlocking the achievement.
07: Highway 17
Hl2 kill odessagunship Where Cubbage Fears to Tread
Defend Little Odessa from the Gunship attack.
Instructions: Story-related, also counts towards the One Man Army achievement.
07: Highway 17
Hl2 kill threegunships One Man Army
Destroy six Gunships in Half-Life 2.
Instructions: There is ample opportunity to do so over the course of the game. Interestingly, in the start menu achievement progress guide, the achievement picture has a '3' in the upper right instead of a '6' as it appears on the Xbox 360 achievement menu.
07: Highway 17 to 13: Dark Energy
Hl2 kill enemy withtoilet Flushed
Kill an enemy with a toilet.
Instructions: Gordon must grab a toilet in Nova Prospekt with the Gravity Gun and fling it at an enemy, killing them. This can also be done in Eli's Scrapyard once the Headcrab Shell hits, as there is a toilet nearby.
05: Black Mesa East or 09: Nova Prospekt
Hlx kill enemies withmanhack Hack Attack!
Kill five enemies with a Manhack.
Instructions: Gordon must grab a Manhack with the Gravity Gun and use it to kill an enemy, either thrown as a projectile or held as a melee weapon. The achievement is cumulative; it is not necessary to kill five enemies using a single Manhack.
09: Nova Prospekt to 13: Dark Energy
Hl2 beat toxictunnel "Radiation Levels Detected"
Get through the toxic tunnel under City 17 in Half-Life 2.
10: Anticitizen One
Hl2 kill allc1709snipers Counter-Sniper
Kill all of the snipers in City 17.
Instructions: Gordon must throw grenades into the windows where the Combine snipers are. This is mainly story related, but it is possible to miss a sniper and not get the achievement.
11: "Follow Freeman!"
Hl2 kill chopper Revenge!
Destroy the Hunter-Chopper.
04: Water Hazard
Hl2 find hevfaceplate Blast from the Past
Find the HEV Suit charger faceplate in Eli's scrapyard.
Instructions: While in the scrapyard where Gordon first gets the Gravity Gun, the face-plate can be found on a ledge next to the airlock which leads back into the power-plant. Gordon may have to use some crates and other items to be able to reach the ledge. Once he's spotted the plate, the achievement will unlock. (On occasion, the achievement can unlock as soon as you enter the area.)
05: Black Mesa East
Hl2 kill enemies withantlions Bug Hunt
Use the Antlions to kill 50 enemies.
Instructions: Once Gordon gets the Bugbait he can use it to direct the Antlions to attack at enemies. There will be plenty more than 50 of them in the relevant chapters. The Antlions must kill all the enemies in the same playthrough of the game in order to get the achievement.
08: Sandtraps to 09: Nova Prospekt
Hl2 beat turretstandoff2 Warden Freeman
Survive the second turret standoff in Nova Prospekt.
09a: Entanglement
Hl2 beat plazastandoff Plaza Defender
Survive the generator plaza standoff in the chapter Anticitizen One.
10: Anticitizen One
Hl2 followfreeman Follow Freeman
Gain command of a squad of rebels in the uprising.
10: Anticitizen One
Hl2 beat supressiondevice Fight the Power
Shut down the suppression device by disabling its generators.
11: "Follow Freeman!"
Hl2 beat c1713striderstandoff Giant Killer
Survive the rooftop Strider battle in the ruins of City 17.
11: "Follow Freeman!"
Hl2 disintegrate soldiersinfield Atomizer
Disintegrate 15 soldiers by throwing them into a Combine ball field.
Instructions: Using the enhanced Gravity Gun, Gordon has to pick up 15 Combine soldiers and throw them into ball generators.
12: Our Benefactors to 13: Dark Energy
Hl2 find vortigauntcave Vorticough
Discover the hidden singing Vortigaunt cave in chapter Water Hazard.
Instructions: Gordon just has to meet the All-Knowing Vortigaunt in his cave inside a drain near the end of the chapter.
04: Water Hazard
Hl2 find alllambdas Lambda Locator
Find all lambda caches in Half-Life 2.
Instructions: Gordon simply has to grab any item in a found cache to have it recorded. The caches do not all have to be found in the same playthrough of the game.
02: "A Red Letter Day" to 11: "Follow Freeman!"
Hl2 beat donttouchsand Keep Off the Sand!
Cross the Antlion beach in the chapter Sandtraps without touching the sand.
Instructions: From the point where Gordon encounters the two stranded resistance members until the cliff before the Antlion Guard fight, Gordon must not touch the sand (regardless of whether or not it triggers an Antlion attack).
08: Sandtraps
Hl2 beat ravenholm noweapons Zombie Chopper
Play through Ravenholm using only the Gravity Gun.
Instructions: Gordon must exclusively use the Gravity Gun -- he may not use any other weapon—throughout the Ravenholm chapter. (Using Grigori's various traps will not void this achievement, nor will the act of wielding/switching weapons.) If Gordon even swings his crowbar or fires a single shot from any other weapon in his inventory, regardless of whether he hits a target, the achievement is voided. If successful, the achievement will unlock once Gordon exits the mines into the railyard.
06: "We Don't Go To Ravenholm..."
Hl2 beat game Singularity Collapse
Destroy the Citadel's reactor core.
13: Dark Energy


Image Description Chapter
Hl2 float withairboat Catching Air
Float five seconds in the air with the airboat.
Hlx find onegman Unnamed
Find at least one G-Man.
Hl2 find allgmen Unnamed
Find all G-Men.
Hl2 kill bothprisongunships Uninvited Guest
Kill both Gunships in the Nova Prospekt courtyard.

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