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Half-Life 2: Overcharged is a modification which will expand upon Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Episodes with new graphics, enemies or allies, weapons, and gameplay features.


  • Bullet Time
  • Weapon whipping
  • Kick
  • Friendly-Fire
  • Lost Coast can be visited through the Half-Life 2 Campaign.
  • Post-Proccesing Shaders
  • Blood Effects
  • Dynamic Bullets
  • Fully customizable weapons, and the ability to create weapons.
  • First Person Death Camera
  • Lean ability
  • Ironsights
  • Muzzleflash with Shadows
  • Console command for infinite ammo, but not for magazine.
  • Animated First Person Camera Movement
  • Free Fire Mode
  • Ragdolls can collide with anything
  • Mapadd
  • Sun Rays
  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Ability to Overcharge the Gravity Gun (costs suit power)
  • Better flashlight shader
  • Dynamic Grass
  • Camera filters
  • Shading
  • Fixed standard shadows
  • Depth Of Field
  • 3D Body Rendering
  • Mod Support
  • Combine Snipers with Camoflauge
  • Improved A.I


  • Airboat Gun - A machine gun-like weapon that shoots powerful bullets at a fast rate. It can be detached from the Airboat itself.
  • AK-47 - Was cut from original game, and is also known as AR1, and functions like in the Half-Life 2 Beta.
  • Alyx Gun - Pistol used by Alyx in Half-Life 2 and the episodes. Has 3 fire modes, Single Fire, Automatic and Burst.
  • Annabelle - Shotgun used by Father Grigori in Ravenholm.
  • Emplacement Gun - Bunker Gun,can be also detached.
  • Hand Barnacle - Identical to the Hand Barnacle in Half-Life: Opposing Force.
  • Combine Guard Gun - Very dangerous weapon used by Combine Guard, creates a large explosion where your cursor is at, but takes a few seconds to fire.
  • Desert Eagle - Revolver alternative, identical to the Desert Eagle from Opposing Forrce.
  • Displacer - Fires an energy ball that teleports enemies away, also has a secondary fire that teleports you into a random area in the map,similar to Opposing Force One.
  • Dual Pistols - Identical to the 9mm Pistol, but dual wielded and has more ammo.
  • Gluon Gun - Identical to the Gluon Gun in Half-Life.
  • Flare Gun - Cut from the game, fires flares that can set enemies on fire.
  • Fire Extinguisher - Cut from the game, extinguishes any fire.
  • Glock - Does more damage than the Pistol, otherwise identical.
  • Grenade Launcher - Launches grenades that explode on impact with any surface.
  • Hopwire - Creates a black hole that sucks in everything in its vacinity.
  • Knife - Identical to the Counter-Strike knife.
  • M4 - Assault Rifle, identical to the M4 in Counter-Strike.
  • Physics Gun - Was cut from the game, almost identical to the one from GMod.
  • Automatic Shotgun - Self explanatory
  • Molotov - Upon impact of any surface, it will explode and leave behind fire.
  • Flashbang and Smoke Grenade - Identical to their counterparts in Counter-Strike
  • Beretta - Identical to the Beretta in Counter-Strike
  • Tripwire - Identical to the Tripmine in Half-Life
  • Ion Rifle - Identical to the Automatic Gun
  • Laser - Portable Version of Laser which was in chapter Questionable Ethics. (half-life)
  • M249 - Identical to the Heavy Machine Gun From Opposing Force
  • MP5 - identical to the MP5
  • O.I.C.W - Cut from the final game, also known as the AR2.
  • Shock Roach - Identical to the Shock Roach in Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • Spore Launcher - Identical to the Spore Launcher in Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • S.L.A.M - Mix of the Satchel and Tripmine in Half-Life
  • SMG2 - Cut weapon from the final game, a SMG with 2 fire modes, Automatic and Burst.
  • Stunstick - Stronger crowbar used by Metropolice.
  • Wrench - Identical to the wrench from Half-Life: Opposing Force.
  • Sniper Rifle (Beta) - Sniper Rifle from the Half-Life 2 Beta.
  • Sniper Rifle (Combine) - Sniper Rifle used by the Combine Snipers.


  • Cremator
  • Mortar Synth
  • Pit Drone
  • Voltigore
  • Shock Trooper
  • H.E.C.U Grunt
  • Alien Grunt
  • Alien Controller
  • Shock Roach
  • Spore Launcher
  • Gargantua
  • Gonarch
  • Xen Light
  • Xen Tree
  • Combine Assassin
  • Combine Guard
  • Armored Synth
  • Bullsquid
  • Houndeye
  • Gonome
  • Hydra
  • Spore Generator




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