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Half-Life Deathmatch: Source is a Source engine port of the multiplayer portion of Half-Life. It was released on Steam on July 2, 2005. The game is given to players for free as part of their purchase of Half-Life: Source.

As a port, the game possesses several differences with the original multiplayer component of Half-Life, such as the Colt Python lacking the zoom feature.

Half-Life Deathmatch: Source (or simply HLDMS) has game play similar to that of the original multiplayer component of Half-Life. Players are spawned at random points across one of many maps and battle each other in an all out free-for-all. To acquire weapons and ammunition (as well as health and energy), players must search the map for various caches of them. Players get point (Frags) by eliminating other players. The player with the most frags at the end of a match wins that match. If a player has the same amount of frags as another player, but a higher number of deaths than the other player, the player with more deaths will be ranked lower.

HLDMS Never saw the same success as other multi player source engine games, even though a good number of custom maps and some custom game modes have been made by the community.


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