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"Don't f**k with the Science Team!"
―The catchphrase of the Science Team.[src]

Half-Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware, also known as Half-Life VR: Self Aware AI (abbreviated 'HLVR: AI'), is a 2020 improv role-playing comedy machinima series created by Twitch streamer WayneRadioTV It was originally streamed and archived on his Twitch channel, and later it was heavily edited and uploaded to his YouTube channel.

The YouTube edition of the series[1] is split into 4 acts, with each act consisting of 2 parts; Act 3 is the only exception, being split into 3 parts.

The thumbnails and some of the merchandise artwork was made by Logblaster, who makes a cameo as Darnold in Act 4 Part 1.


The plot revolves around Gordon Freeman's journey through Half-Life's singleplayer campaign, with four 'AI-controlled' characters, 3 scientists: Dr. Coomer, Bubby, and Tommy, and a security guard named Benrey(or Benry).

The series takes place inside the video game Half-Life. Gordon is a real person playing the game in virtual reality. The rest of the characters are all artificial intelligence in the game, who at first don't know that they are inside a video game. Actors played the characters, who improvised plot points and interactions as they went along.

The series used enlarged ports of Half Life: Source extended maps[2] played on a Garry's Mod server. Additional actors were employed as stagehands who would ensure technical components, such as map transitions and NPC spawns, worked as they should.

The full series' streams have been made available on the wayneradiotv ON DEMAND YouTube channel . No official playlist of these streams currently exists.

As of 26th of April, a new series of four streams covering all four acts, featuring commentary from the cast of HLVR: AI, began on the wayneradiotv Twitch channel. It includes full commentary of the Youtube edition of the series, exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at events from the perspective of Wayne's invisible stagehand Mike/Spaghoner, and a Q&A session where Twitch chat members could posit questions to the cast. The Act 1 stream was later edited to include a humourous introduction and uploaded to the wayneradiotv YouTube channel; it lacks the Q&A section of the original stream, but includes all other parts in full with minimal editing. Edited cuts of the other act commentaries will be coming "soon" according to the video's ending.


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Act 1

Act 1: Part 1


Act 1 opens with Gordon, equipped in full HEV Suit, hurriedly approaching a doorway flanked by two Security Guards, one of whom approaches him and asks if he has his passport. Gordon, confused, offers his company ID; Benrey informs his friend of Gordon's lack of a passport, which infuriates them. Benrey takes a moment to calm his friend with the 'Black Mesa Sweet Voice' (a Garry's Mod workshop item called the Wowozela[3]), then informs Gordon he must follow him as he does not have valid ID. Gordon accepts this, albeit with much frustration.

Gordon encounters a Scientist who identifies himself as Tommy. He is currently on lunch break, and invites Gordon to partake in "reading the billboards" in the break room, something he apparently enjoys doing. A further-bewildered Gordon leaves the break room just before Tommy remarks that he "drinks soda for lunch". Gordon, under his breath, calls him a 'freak' before moving on.

Entering the locker room, Gordon encounters another Scientist, Dr. Coomer, whom he greets. Coomer responds with a chipper "Ah, hello Gordon!", and they have a cheerful conversation before Gordon proceeds with the scientist's well-wishes on the day's experiment.

Gordon and Benrey continue to interact as they travel to the test chamber, Gordon being increasingly frustrated and confused, and Benrey becoming more and more suspicious as to why Gordon does not have his passport. Benrey establishes several things about himself during this time: he is "not human", so he will be unaffected when exposed to the harsh environment inside the test chamber despite Gordon's warning otherwise; Black Mesa passports are used to distinguish whether someone is "nice or not"; and that people will not talk to or even look at Gordon unless he has valid ID. A brief exchange with Bubby, a scientist working in the nearby laboratory, also confirms that a Black Mesa passport is all you need to protect yourself from extreme hazards. Gordon is left bewildered.

Benrey becomes frustrated as they approach the test chamber airlock, though continues to follow Gordon. He is stopped before entering as Gordon insists once more that he will die without protective equipment, but he brushes it off by saying that "there are no predetermined deaths". Gordon sarcastically acquiesces to this, but receives a dose of the Black Mesa Sweet Voice, immediately calming him. He leaves Benrey behind.

Confident that the guard will no longer be following him, Gordon is briefed by two scientists inside the airlock, who let him in after talking over procedures. The door opens and Benrey is standing there, somehow having got in before Gordon. Gordon is bewildered, yelling "How the fu--" before being cut off for comedic effect.

Inside, Tommy, Dr. Coomer, and Bubby talk Gordon through the procedure with the Anti-Mass Spectrometer. Gordon once again insists Benrey leave the test chamber before he is killed; he is once again rebutted as Benrey accuses him of trying to distract, frustrating him further. A humourous exchange follows in which Benrey's death is determined an 'acceptable loss' and it is explained that the lab could only afford one microphone, meaning the team has to shout to Gordon through the observation deck window.

After a warning by Benrey not to steal anything, Gordon approaches the sample elevator. Tommy and the other scientists insist that he push it into the Spectrometer's beam "very carefully, slower than molasses drips off a spoon :)". Another argument over theft starts as Gordon inserts the sample too fast, his distraction causing a Resonance Cascade which initiates the Black Mesa Incident and subsequent invasion of Earth. Dr. Coomer cries, "You should have brought your passport, Gordon!", before Bubby crawls through the test chamber window, screams, and collapses. A flash of green light overtakes Gordon and he is plunged into darkness.

Gordon wakes up in a destroyed test chamber, disoriented. On his way out he meets Bubby, and they have a snappy exchange only to be interrupted by Benrey inexplicably emerging from the airlock. Gordon attempts to recoup his thoughts as Benrey continues to berate him for touching something he was told not to, which infuriates him.

Bubby and Benrey follow Gordon into a room where they find Tommy, who warns that there are "creatures"; Gordon is attacked by one, only for Benrey to pull out a "Passport" (really an Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse-Rifle) and fire an Energy Ball at it, killing both it and two unrelated scientists, presumably Isaac Kleiner and Eli Vance. Only Bubby seems to notice the collateral damage as the group are covered in giblets. An interaction follows in which Gordon observes as Benrey's Sweet Voice disintegrates a scientist who didn't have his passport, worrying Gordon. Bubby insists that Gordon find his passport, to which he agrees.

Gordon happens across Dr. Coomer in the destroyed observation room attempting to repair a communications terminal. It emits a sharp beep and Coomer yelps, explaining to Gordon that communication across the facility is down. Gordon begs he get out of the room before he is killed by the high-energy beam blasting the back wall, but Coomer insists his passport will protect him, despite the strain in his voice telling otherwise. They leave the room and progress at the behest of Bubby.

Act 1: Part 2

Part 2 opens with Gordon waking up to Coomer, Tommy, and Bubby trying to wake him up, while Benrey sings to a bird. Gordon asks Tommy if he's ever used a gun before, he says he hasn't, Gordon is interrupted by Benrey singing multiple times before he stands up. As Gordon approaches a wall, he hears Bubby screams in pain, Gordon turns around and sees him burning alive, he runs to help, but the fire goes out, and Bubby casually says "Oh, I'm fine now." Gordon, with the help of Bubby, breaks through some boards and continues through the facility. Benrey then shoots Teal Sweet Voice, Tommy saying Teal means "Need Meal." Benrey goes on to kill the pigeon.

Act 2

Act 2: Part 1

Act 2: Part 2

Act 3

Act 3: Part 1

Act 3: Part 2

Act 3: Part 3

Act 4

Act 4: Part 1

Act 4: Part 2 (Finale)

Information gained from Half-Life VR: AI but the Cast is Commentating(HL VR: AI Commentary Streams)

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Pre-Act 1 Stream

Gordon awakens, after Tommy's Chuck E Cheese's party, at the entrance to a movie theater, and is greeted by The G-Man. After a brief conversation with him in which G-Man insists at gunpoint he join "his friends" in watching the movie, Gordon follows him. On their short walk, the "Wikipedia logo" from Act 2 can be seen spinning rapidly behind the front counter, and Benrey can be briefly seen buying snacks.

They arrive, and G-Man sits down next to Tommy. A skeleton can be spotted sitting in the back row. They have an exchange about a soda they got for Gordon, which they reveal to have been there before they arrived. They then start talking about the movie they're going to be watching and the Cast Commentary begins.

Act 1 Stream

  • During the segment in Act 1: Part 1 where Gordon was about to enter the test chamber, Mike describes Benrey waiting outside the airlock door "like a sad dog".
  • Benrey is confirmed to have a crush on Gordon. Or, to say it like it was said in the commentary streams, "He is HUNGRY for Gordon".

Act 2 Stream

Act 3 Stream

Act 4 Stream


  • Gordon's son, Joshua, is a reference to a text-to-speech voice made in wayneradiotv's discord, who likes cashews and farms, and calls wayneradiotv "Daddy Way-Way."
    • Joshua seems to make a physical appearance in an unrelated stream where wayneradiotv role played as Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2 VR. This was streamed roughly 5 months before the first HLVR: AI video was posted.[4]
  • Throughout the entirety of the series, a "simple green duck" followed the cast around off-screen, which was confirmed by Holly, Dr. Coomer's actor, via a Twitter and Tumblr post. Also according to Holly, she was the only one who knew about the simple green duck.
  • Wayne has confirmed that a sequel will be made.
  • The All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 Wikipedia page has been semi-protected[5] due to multiple counts of vandalism following the release of HLVR: AI Act 2 Part 2, wherein Benrey edits Gordon's death into the article. The cast and crew have commented multiple times on this; though initially humourous, they insist people not do this.
  • Similar vandalism has occurred on the Sunkist brand Twitter account[6] since the introduction of Tommy's pet, Sunkist the dog.
  • The stock image used for Sunkist the Dog was taken in 2016.
  • Holly has confirmed that Dr. Coomer's full name is "Harold Pontiff Coomer"[7]


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