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Half-Life Wiki is a comprehensive wiki encyclopedia focusing on the Half-Life and Portal universe created by Valve Corporation.

Its main purpose is to collect all the available information related to the franchise in an intelligent and analytical way, with emphasis on behind-the-scenes material as well as video game as an art form.

Half-Life Wiki is hosted by Wikia, a free web hosting service for wikis, using a custom version of the wiki software MediaWiki.



The wiki was started as "Half-Life Wiki" on February 12, 2006, by Chuck182, on Wikicities. However, after little time, it fell dormant. In March, Wikicities was renamed "Wikia".


During spring 2007, Donut THX 1138 brought significant work to the wiki, then requested adoption to better revive the wiki.

Wikia Staff member CatherineMunro granted Donut the adoption and instated him bureaucrat on April 11. The same day, Donut appointed sysop RelentlessRecusant.

On May 25, the name "Half-Life Wiki" was officially changed to "Combine OverWiki". Donut THX 1138 thought the name "Half-Life Wiki" was too mundane and started a forum post about possible wiki names. However, after almost a month and no responses, he decided to act on his own since no one seemed to be concerned by the matter. He knew most gamers knew the Combine was a powerful Half-Life enemy faction, so he started playing with words trying to get "Combine" into the name (so gamers would know it is a Half-Life based wiki). Then came the idea of "Combine Overwatch", the name of the Earth-based Combine forces. After several more minutes in deep pondering, Donut was beaten in the face with brilliance: "Combine OverWiki" was finally coined.


2008 saw significant growth and contributor turnover, and it was in this time Donut THX 1138 and RelentlessRecusant, the only two staff members, became inactive. This led to the wiki being adopted once again, this time by EVula, whose leadership gave the improvement drive a boost. He was appointed bureaucrat by Wikia Staff member Angela on February 15.

The following months saw the appointment of two new sysops, MattyDienhoff (on February 21), and Coming Second (on April 11).

EVula eventually ended up inactive like his predecessors, and Klow, appointed sysop by EVula on December 14, started taking up the reins. He established new policies, such as an improved Manual of Style, an improved image management, and came up with a new design for the wiki in December, by using Half-Life 2 texture files and improving the main logo.


That year saw a great increase of original and qualitative content, and the appearance of many of the wiki's original images on gaming forums or YouTube.

On February 28, Klow and MattyDienhoff were promoted bureaucrats by Wikia Staff member Uberfuzzy.

A new sysop, YabbaMyIcing, was appointed by Klow on March 18. The latter then created a much needed layout guide.

Even more changes were undertaken in 2009, and more concrete projects came to life. The first true project was that of general, and badly needed, wiki cleanup. Articles and images were flagged for moving to a higher standard, and fanon and speculation finally started to be spotted and removed. Many new articles also came into existence, such as many behind-the-scenes articles, while the whole walkthrough section was removed, due to requiring a too high amount of fixing and completing for something already existing across the Internet in better written forms.

The official Steam group was also created on April 30, to help promote the wiki and gather more users.

On May 18, it was time to resurrect the featured articles feature, opened by none other than our beloved Free Man. The wiki then started to build its certified safe, good and featured article lists, the featured articles being displayed weekly on the Main Page.

In June, the first official community project, spearheaded by YabbaMyIcing, was started. The goal of it was to take all of the many unused files on the wiki and put them into articles and galleries, or delete them.

On July 6, the official projects page was created. It was designed to directly inform the community of any and all wiki wide projects that anybody could help out on. In July as well, the wiki got a Wikia Spotlight, which brought new contributors from the other video game wikis.

On September 22, the official Facebook page was created, with an aim similar to that of the Steam group, with emphasis on putting a quote from the Half-Life universe from time to time, mostly for fun only. On September 27, Darkman 4 got at last his sysops status, while he had been deserving it for a long time.

On December 2, as a holiday treat, to part from the old era of the wiki and to better use the space allowed to the logo, a new logo was created and some layout images were replaced by Klow. On December 23, three new rollbacks were appointed, while the two old ones were removed, as they hadn't logged in since 2007. The new rollbacks were Big McLargeHuge, Erickos and JgcxCub.


On February 2, it was learned in comments by Marc Laidlaw on his personal blog that he is aware of the existence of Combine OverWiki and visits it periodically. Although this information was already known, it was not formally confirmed yet. There Laidlaw qualifies the wiki as "clearly creative", and says he admires the energy brought to the creative efforts of the Half-Life community, also citing Concerned and Garry's Mod. He also adds (about himself) that it is "great to be even peripherally a part of so much energy".[1] On February 9, a fourth rollback, Bramblepath, was appointed. On February 22, a bot, DØG, was created to perform repetitive and menial edits in large quantities so as to reduce the workload for both users and administrators.

On March 28, a fifth rollback, Halo-343, was appointed. March also saw the Portal 2 announcement within the ARG promoting it, and new canon fodder started to make its way into the wiki.

On April 1, Klow and Darkman 4 quickly decided set up an April Fools' Day hoax at the last moment, which led to a new messy main page, a new low-res logo, and other nonsensical articles created by other users. On April 16, Halo-343 was given sysop rights, after his outstanding help.

On May 18, the official IRC channel was launched by Forerunner. On July 19, a fourth extension to the wiki was launched, as an official YouTube channel, its aim being to gather as many official Half-Life / Portal universe videos as possible, and in the best quality when available.

On October 24, Bramblepath was given sysop rights, to help maintain the wiki afloat during Klow's mild absence.


On February 28, SiPlus was given sysop rights. Late March, Klow's absence came to an end.

On April 1, Master Chief was put as a background image for all articles, making articles unreadable just to annoy readers for that special day (obviously not as good as the previous year). Moreover a link to a YouTube video presumably titled "GameSpot Exclusive: Valve's Gabe Newell talks about the awaited Half-Life 2: Episode Three" was shared on the Facebook group and the Aperture Science group, with the description "Gabe gives small bits of info about Episode Three, its close relation to Portal 2, and hints at a release date. He also talks about the upcoming cartoon series featuring Portal 2's Atlas and P-body, and explains the reasons of Kelly Bailey's departure from Valve." Many readers obviously fell for it, but as great as it was, it was alas an hoax, since the video was actually and simply "Trololo", or the "Russian Rickroll". Fijure was also given rollback rights after things went back to normal, the only serious thing to happen that day.

On April 5, Wikia Staff member Tae suggested that Combine OverWiki would partner with Wikia to offer a cake to Valve to be eaten on the day of Portal 2’s release, as a nod from the community and to remind them that we exist and love their work. After we greenlit the project, Wikia Staff member Kacieh set up the whole thing. On April 19, Portal 2 was released, and Valve was kind enough to eat our 20'' (c. 50 cm) cake during the launch party with some sparkling wine, as reported by GamePro, and glimpsed on the official Facebook page for Portal. On April 14, Wikia also launched a Portal 2-related contest consisting of winning a copy of the game and a plush Weighted Companion Cube, which ended April 28, the winners being announced the next day.

Cake gallery


In January 2012 the wiki forked. The new wiki, now on independent hosting at http://combineoverwiki.net/, retained the name "Combine Overwiki" with the Wikia version temporarily reverting to the original name "Half-Life Wiki".

After around a month of inactivity, Sactage got promoted by Sannse to help the wiki and became the new and only bureaucrat. Soon after KATANAGOD was promoted to sysop to help with the vandalism and site maintenance.

After a month of basic dormancy, KATANAGOD decided to revamp the site and add a new flair and identity with the help of JoePlay. Adapool Also received sysop rights for keeping up with the wiki and being a generally valuable contributor.

A new site overhaul got completed around the start of June, a new background was implemented by Adapool, a new monobook skin was implemented by KATANAGOD and basic CSS was also implemented for the site to run better. The Main Page also got redesigned. Madnessfan34537 also received sysop rights.

In early July Shorty1982 received sysop rights for his great anti-vandal work and attention to the wiki.

In August, Unnamed Airbender received sysop rights for his dedication towards the wiki.


In June, Yong Feng received rollback rights for his dedication towards the wiki. And in December, he received sysop right due of excellent contribution.

In September, NinjaFatGuy received rollback rights for his dedication towards the wiki.

In August, A-06 received rollback rights for his dedication toward the wiki.