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This page lists users who have special privileges on Half-Life Wiki and therefore who to ask for help.


  • None currently

Administrators, sometimes called system operators or sysops for short, are members of the community charged with maintaining the smooth operation of the wiki. They can protect pages, ban users and IPs, and delete pages and images from the system. Administrators are considered by some to be the "leaders" of the site, for lack of a better term.

When you have a problem or question regarding the site, an Administrator will help you any way he or she can.

Becoming an administrator

Administrators are selected on an as-needed basis only. There are no official criteria to become an administrator, however there are a few basic guidelines. When an administrator is needed, one will be selected from the rest of the users. To be appointed, the user must:

  • have an account on the Half-life Wiki for some time
  • be an active contributor
  • know how a wiki works
  • have no history of vandalism or abuse
  • have a decent level of English
  • have an overall grasp of the HL/P universe
  • show maturity in dealing with disputes and other problems that might come with other users


A bureaucrat is an administrator with the additional responsibilities of granting (and revoking) rollback permissions and promoting users to Administrator.


  • None

Users with rollback rights.


  • None currently

Users trusted with the right to move images and suppress the redirect.


  • None currently

Bots are designed to perform repetitive and menial edits in large quantities so as to reduce the workload for both users and administrators.