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The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best Half-Life Wiki has to offer. They are voted for by the community and nominated by the administrators.

An article's status is indicated by the F, G or S logos in the top right corner.

Featured article logo
Featured articles

A featured article should:

  • Consist of information that the average Half-Life / Portal fan wouldn't know
  • Have good writing and spelling
  • Contain no speculation
  • Have no outstanding disputes
  • Include at least one image
  • Hold proper sources
  • Be structured according to the official layout, unless it is too short
  • Have a decent "behind the scenes" coverage

Good article logo
Good articles

When an article is too short but of quality nevertheless, it is called a good article. Its criteria is the same.

Safe article logo
Safe articles

When an article is clean but does not have much content, it is just considered a safe article.

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