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This article pertains to Half-Life WikiThis page is fully protected.

A protected page is a page for which editing has been limited to specific user groups. Most of the time, articles have a red or a silver padlock among the top-right icons, to indicate their protection status. Protected images and templates do not have a padlock.

This wiki has two primary types of protected pages:

Fully protected


These pages can only be edited by sysops. They mostly include policy pages, templates or other messages that the other users do not have to edit, or pages with strong disputes, vandalism, edit conflicts, etc.



Semi-protected pages cannot be edited by unregistered users and new users. This prevents vandalism on important articles such as the featured, good and safe articles, or articles with a history of vandalism. Users who have been registered for more than 4 days can edit these pages without any problem.

If you feel that a page has been protected wrongly, contact an administrator.