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The Half-Life soundtrack contains music used throughout the game composed by Kelly Bailey.[1] It is available on Steam as free DLC for all Half-Life owners.


Several of the tracks are composed of licensed or stock "samples", a notable example being the Methods of Mayhem Industrial Toolkit sample pack by Sony that was used by Kelly Bailey for most of the soundtrack. Due to the sample pack being publicly available (at the time), some of the same samples can often be heard in other games or even movies. An example is the drumbeat sample used in Hard Technology Rock, which can also be heard in the track Crush from the Command & Conquer: Red Alert soundtrack.

Track list[]

#️⃣ ⏱️ Title
1 02:11 Adrenaline Horror
Notes: Plays in "We've Got Hostiles" when Gordon encounters the first Osprey and a squad of HECU soldiers.
2 02:13 Vague Voices
Notes: plays in Black Mesa Inbound during the tram ride to Sector C.
3 01:02 Klaxon Beat
Notes: Plays in Anomalous Materials when Gordon acquires the HEV Suit.
4 01:38 Space Ocean
Notes: Plays in Unforeseen Consequences as Gordon wakes up after the Resonance Cascade.
5 01:41 Cavern Ambience
Notes: Plays in:
6 00:25 Apprehensive Short
Notes: Plays in:
7 00:10 Bass String Short
Notes: Plays in:
  • Office Complex: inside a room with a boarded up exit and Headcrabs falling from the roof;
  • Apprehension: upon entering the freezer area.
8 01:35 Hurricane Strings
Notes: Plays in Office Complex within the freezer area.
9 01:46 Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar
Notes: Plays in:
10 01:24 Valve Theme (Extended)
Notes: Plays in Surface Tension as Gordon crosses the cliffside area.
11 02:10 Nepal Monastery
Notes: Plays in:
12 00:38 Alien Shock
Notes: Plays in:
13 01:14 Sirens In The Distance
Notes: Plays in On A Rail when Gordon descends into the tunnels.
14 02:02 Nuclear Mission Jam
Notes: Plays in Questionable Ethics when picking up the Tau Cannon.
15 00:18 Scared Confusion Short
Notes: Plays in:
16 02:05 Drums and Riffs
Notes: On A Rail: right after launching the Rocket.
17 01:42 Hard Technology Rock
Notes: Plays in "Forget About Freeman!" during the battle between the Alien Grunts and HECU soldiers.
18 01:57 Steam In The Pipes
Notes: Plays in Lambda Core when opening the portal to Xen.
19 01:26 Electric Guitar Ambiance
Notes: Plays in Surface Tension in the area with Laser Tripmines and a Sniper.
20 01:26 Dimensionless Deepness
Notes: Plays in Xen at the first teleporter room leading to Gonarch's lair.
21 01:22 Military Precision
Notes: Plays in Residue Processing after meeting up with a security guard.
22 01:51 Jungle Drums
Notes: Plays in Gonarch's Lair when Gordon fights the Gonarch.
23 01:19 Traveling Through Limbo
Notes: Plays in Nihilanth while fighting the Nihilanth.
24 01:41 Credits / Closing Theme
Notes: Plays in Endgame during the credits.
25 00:39 Threatening Short
Notes: Plays in:
  • Xen: after arriving Xen;
  • Interloper: at the portal leading to the Nihilanth's chamber.
26 00:19 Dark Piano Short
Notes: Plays in:
27 00:10 Sharp Fear Short
Notes: Plays in Power Up after Gordon kills the Gargantua.

Behind the scenes[]

The tracks Vague Voices, Steam In The Pipes, Traveling Through Limbo, Dimensionless Deepness, and Threatening Short all have the name "Prospero" in the game files, implying they were originally to be used in one of Valve's canceled games, Prospero.


In several pre-release videos of Half-Life, a different version of Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar can be heard. It was likely changed in Summer 1998, as the old version can be heard in the E3 1998 Gruntfight video[2] but is not present in Half-Life: Day One.

In Half-Life: Uplink, Vague Voices plays at the beginning, as well as in the hallway before encountering the Gargantua. In addition, Adrenaline Horror plays after activating the radio antenna.


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