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The Harpoon is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2. It is carried by the Fisherman in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast but never used.


Fisherman sunlight

The Fisherman and his harpoon against the sunlight.

  • The Harpoon can be picked up by the player and thrown with the Gravity Gun; it will stick itself and pin enemies into walls like the Crossbow's rebar. Enemies killed by it will not alert others nor will they make noise when dying.
  • It has an entity ("weapon_oldmanharpoon") which it can be spawned and used as a real weapon. If the entity is entered in the console through the "give" command, the MP7 will disappear and its HUD icon will be replaced with that of the cut MP5K. After this the MP7 will be unusable and the Harpoon will be nowhere to be seen; unless the player looks upward, sets the "viewmodel_fov" command to higher values, or activates the "thirdperson" command to see it clipping through Gordon's model. If another SMG is picked up afterward, it will go back to normal.

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