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"All cooperative testing courses begin at this central hub. From here we transport you to the new testing course. "

The Computer Intelligence Training and Enrichment Center; Human Test Subject Research Center or CInTEC, referred to by GLaDOS as the Hub for brevity,[1] is a large, towering room that is the selection point for each of the Cooperative Testing Courses throughout the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in Portal 2.

Consisting of toggleable platforms, Aerial Faith Plates, and Hard Light Bridges, these elements allow a unique path for ATLAS and P-body to traverse around the Hub.


  • Throughout the cooperative campaign, ATLAS and P-body use the Hub in order to select different Test Courses to explore. The courses, in order, are called: "Team Building", "Mass and Velocity", "Hard Light Surfaces", "Excursion Funnels", and "Mobility Gels".
  • After completing a course, the next is opened, allowing access to more chambers. In cases where one player has opened more courses than the other, it defaults to the more-experienced player.
  • A large screen features both separate and combined information of the players, including how many steps each has taken, number of portals placed, disasters averted, collaboration points, numbers of times they hugged, and so on.
  • The Hub may have been designed and entirely constructed by GLaDOS alone as the cooperative testing initiative was her creation.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Hub was originally non-linear, with all courses open from the beginning. The intent was to let players move on to other courses should the ones they're attempting frustrate them. However, this confused players, so the developers opted for a linear path of courses.


  • If a player presses the "use" button on the small "409" box next to the level select panel, it will emit a purple light and sounds of the turrets in cheerful free fall lines.[2]
  • If viewed through the Player View window, the statistics screen appears completely black.
  • In the hallways where the player can choose what level to play, the monitors display the screen seen on computers in the original Portal, complete with the random cake ingredients among the jibber-jabber.
  • When you wait for "Portal Placements" statistics screen, standard text around Aperture Science logo changes to "I SEE YOU"
  • Below the light bridge on the "floor" of the map, below where you are killed, there is a mysterious object that looks like a light post with a sign on it.




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