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"You're dead, you hear me? Dead!"
―Human Sergeant[src]

The Human Sergeant[1] is a HECU class cut from Half-Life. He was to appear as a mini-boss during the game's development.


Originally showcased in gameplay videos of early Half-Life builds, the Human Sergeant can be found in the Half-Life model files, as many other enemies cut from the game. He is also featured in the Half-Life SDK files, where larger texture files can be found.

As a squad leader of sorts, he was to smoke a cigar, have a flattop haircut and a bad attitude. He was also to command grunt squads and be in radio contact with command.[1]

According to his concept art image featured in Raising the Bar, he was originally to use an M60 for spray attack (reused for the cut Jet Ski in Half-Life 2), fire rockets with his dual LAW rocket launchers and punch the player if they got too close.[1] In the final NPC, the M60 was replaced by a Minigun and the rocket launchers by a backpack.[2] A Combat knife can also be seen attached on his belt, although it is only part of his textures.

While the most complete name for the Human Sergeant is provided in Raising the Bar (where it is misspelled as "Sargeant"), he has several other names. In the Half-Life files, his model and sound file folders are named "hassault" (for "human assault"); in the Half-Life SDK files, his folder is named "Hvyweapons" (for "heavy weapons"), while his .qc files use the terms "human heavy weapons" and "heavy weapons character".

His sound file folder in Half-Life only contains the sounds for his Minigun, not his voice. However, in the Half-Life Alpha, there is one voice clip, called hw_alert, in which the Sergeant shouts "YOU DEAD!! YA HEAR ME?!? DEAD!!"

His face was reused with slight modifications for the Afro-American HECU soldier featured among the four original HECU models.




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