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"How do you like a taste of your own medicine?"

The Hunter-Chopper Bomb is a timed explosive used in great numbers by the Hunter-Chopper to flush out areas and take down Rebels.



Half-Life 2 model.

  • After being severely damaged, the Hunter-Chopper will attempt to kill its attacker by releasing its entire payload of mines as a last-ditch effort.
  • In Half-Life 2, a Hunter-Chopper chases Gordon through the Canals and is destroyed near Black Mesa East. It heavily uses its bombs during the chase, and more prominently when being critically damaged.
  • In the Episode Two Outlands, Gordon must destroy a Hunter-Chopper with its own bombs by sending them back with the Gravity Gun.
  • The bombs are able to float on water, making them efficient against watercrafts such as the Airboat. However, they do not float on toxic water.

Behind the scenes

Ep2 kill chopper nomisses

The "Puttin' On a Clinic" achievement icon.

  • For Episode Two, the model was improved with typical Combine metal and phong.
  • On the body of the Episode Two model can be seen the alphanumerics "V952", also featured on other Combine devices.
  • In Episode Two, the player can get an Orange Box Achievement ("Puttin' On a Clinic") by successfully defeating the Hunter-Chopper by sending back its bombs without a single miss.

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