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"Here we are, the incinerator room. Be careful not to trip over any parts of me that didn't get completely burned when you threw them down here." ---GLaDOS

The Incinerator Room is a large incinerator where disused Aperture technology is thrown to be burned, usually by Emergency Intelligence Incinerators.



After completing Test Chamber 19, Chell rides the Unstationary Scaffold to what seems to be the cake. Instead, she is sent into a firepit to die, during which GLaDOS calmly assures that "all Aperture technologies remain safely operational up to 4000 degrees Kelvin." (3727 degrees Celsius) To GLaDOS's surprise, Chell escapes onto an overlooking platform using the Portal Gun.

When Chell manages to escape, GLaDOS begins to grow uneasy. She hastily congratulates Chell for completing "the final challenge where we pretended we were going to murder you." She tells her that preparations are underway for a party to celebrate. Chell is instructed to put down the portal gun and assume the Party Escort Submission position (laying face-down on the floor) so she can partake in the event. Instead, Chell decides to venture off into the abandoned remains of the facility.

Portal 2[]

GLaDOS sends Chell here after waking up to retrieve the Dual Portal Device. As Chell makes her way across the room, several cubes are seen falling into the fire along with a turret that gets stuck in the chute.

Chell soon finds herself just outside the exit of Test Chamber 19 of the original Testing Track, where the ASHPD is lying under a panel. GLaDOS lifts it away so Chell can reach it. She then uses it to navigate backward through Test Chamber 19 and reach the new Testing Track.


  • Although it is stated that Wheatley invented them, two pairs of Crushers can be seen while falling down to the Incineration Room. Also, in the video Aperture Investment Opportunity #1: "Panels", Cave Johnson states that Aperture Science sells Crushers. It could be that they were unused until Wheatley came into power, and/or that he simply lied about creating them to further boost his ego.
  • If the player ended up in the Incinerator Room in Portal while the cheat "buddha" is enabled, the player will still die.
  • Kelvin is not measured in degrees. It should be stated "4,000 Kelvin". This is a common mistake.

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