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"Ivan the Space Biker" is the nickname for the original character model of Half-Life's protagonist, Gordon Freeman that was cut from Half-Life.


Ivan model views

Several views of Ivan's third person model.

Designed by Chuck Jones, this version of Gordon had a full, wild beard that made him look like a stereotypical biker, as well as a bulbous grey-green HEV Suit (with "Research" written on the back) that resembled a space suit, hence the nickname of "Ivan the Space Biker". He also had a flattop haircut and no glasses. The beard was heavily reduced to eventually turn into the current Gordon's goatee.

Of note is that he already had brown hair and green eyes. The model, "doctor.mdl", can still be found in the Half-Life game files, but it cannot be opened because it uses early version of .MDL format, however it is correctly recompiled for Half-Life: Source, making it viewable and usable in the Source version. Ivan looked like a "Homeless hobo" to some testers.


  • In Team Fortress 2, Some bots that spawn in-game might bear the name "Ivan the Space Biker".


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