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Jay Stelly holds the position of Software Developer with Valve.


On Valve's official website, his function was described as follows: "Jay joined Valve from Tetragon where he was lead engineer and 3D engine developer of Virgin's Nanotek Warrior. Before that, he developed titles for Sony Playstation & 3DO. Way before that, he wrote his first computer game (at age 9) and had a game published in a magazine (at age 15).

A native of Cajun Country, Jay finds Northwest buildings too hot (what, no air conditioning?) and the food not hot enough."[2]

He worked on some very cool effects for Half-Life, including some unique fog and water behaviors.[3]

According to Jay Stelly, all Half-Life maps were designed ahead of time on paper by a "Cabal" consisting of level builders, animators, programmers, and anyone else needed for their creation so the team ensured all the available technology was being used to its fullest potential throughout the game.[4]

September 2002: Improved trailer is shown to Jay Stelly; he is unimpressed. As a result, the team works overnight to improve it. The next day, the new trailer is shown and impresses both Stelly and Newell.

Was the project lead on the Xbox version of Half-Life 2.[5]

In the 5th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards he win the category Best Game.[6]

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  • His name appears in Half-Life as an Easter egg on a Sector C locker.
  • He appears as an icon on obsolete entities in the Hammer level editor. [7]


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