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"Don't worry, he can't see. Hears just fine though."

Jeff is the name given to the zombie-like creature by Larry and acts as a mini-boss in Chapter 7 of Half-Life: Alyx.


Jeff is a humanoid zombie-like creature that appears to be the corpse of a Combine Hazmat Worker infected by an unknown parasitic fungus-like species from Xen. The human portion of its head is split open and with it has two mouths, two protrusions that give the appearance of a Venus Flytrap (similar to those of the "Snappers," small blue Xen flora/fungus-like growths that are found in the same area) and a smaller mouth with what seems to be rows of sharp teeth. Jeff's body is also greatly swollen and disfigured: numerous lumps and spikes can be found around his body, and his right arm is much bigger than his left.

Jeff is extremely hostile, as he will immediately try and kill the player as soon she reveals herself within his range. Jeff also appears to be hostile to other Xen species, as he can be seen killing Headcrabs throughout chapter 7. His method of killing is through a black toxic vomit that he sprays onto his victims.

Jeff can spew out cloud of spores from his body. These clouds can cause Alyx to cough which will alert Jeff to her presence. The player must either cover their mouth or wear a respirator mask to avoid alerting Jeff.

Jeff can't be killed by any conventional means, as he is invulnerable to the player's arsenal. The player will have to lure Jeff into the trash compactor at the end of chapter 7 as he will hinder the player's progress. The player then has the option to activate the trash compactor to finally eliminate Jeff.

Behavior and skills

Jeff is completely blind, relying on his hearing for orientation. He is agitated by loud noises and will immediately move to the source. Jeff also possesses a great amount of strength, being able to bend metal doors. Due to his status as the corpse of a Combine Hazmat Worker, he is able to go through Combine force fields.


It is helpful to know that Jeff will not attack you unless you are directly touching him. It is imperative to cover your mouth or wear a respirator mask when you inevitably have to get within close proximity to Jeff.

Behind the scenes

Jeff helmet
Jeff helmets
Jeff robot

Early digital sculpts for Jeff's head.

"I hate you, Jeff."
Alyx Vance, echoing players' sentiments[src]

Chapter 7: Jeff was in development for three out of Half-Life: Alyx's nearly four years of development. The idea behind Jeff was to create a blind, unkillable enemy that a player would have to get creative to avoid in virtual reality. Jeff began as a Standard Zombie model and the level was built around it as an imposing entity in the player's personal space. The level's elevator sequence was part of the earliest tests to see how a player would respond to being in a confined space with the monster, to which playtesters responded so well that the moment stuck. At one point the team settled on making Jeff a giant blind Combine robot, as previous versions of Chapter 7 included a strong Combine presence. However, the intermittent firefights while dealing with Jeff affected the tension of the level, so the action elements were shed to make Chapter 7 purely a survival horror section, and Jeff was re-imagined to take inspiration from the series' Xen elements.[1]

Jeff's design was specifically aimed to contrast it with the rest of Half-Life: Alyx in order to signal to the player they would have to think differently for this level. Early tests included more interactions with Jeff, such as hanging objects on him or pulling a keycard out of his pocket. However, the team soon realized the sheer discomfort of being near Jeff was effective enough and so the focus was shifted to making the player do things they really did not want to do but knew they had to in order to progress through the level. The best example of this was the freezer puzzle, where the player traps Jeff but then has to let him out in order to get back into the freezer to turn the power back on: playtesters were heard cursing at the developers or wailing in frustration at the realization they had to release him. However, the developers also had to strike the correct balance for the level's difficulty: if the tension was too high or Alyx was killed too many times resulting in a game over, players would grow numb to Jeff's threat and not want to continue playing.[1]

Jeff suit

Early concept.

The spores that make Alyx cough were only added towards the end of development: the idea was to add another element to force players to think more carefully about the environment, but playtesters instinctively covered their mouths to stop the coughing. The team added covering your mouth as an easter egg, but were surprised to see playtesters discover it quickly and use it as a core mechanic, some even playing the whole level with their hand over their mouth: this led to an added line of dialogue for Larry specifically telling Alyx to cover her mouth, as the player was now almost guaranteed to do it anyway.[1]

The constant experimentation and testing paid off: on Half-Life: Alyx's release, Chapter 7 was singled out as one of the highlights of the entire game, with critics noting its unique take on the survival horror genre in a VR game.[1]

Related achievements

Achievement Near-Jeff Experience Near-Jeff Experience
Earned by staying near Jeff for 10 seconds.
Achievement Crustacean Frustration Crustacean Frustration
Earned by killing the Headcrab that keeps alerting Jeff.
Achievement Hold Your Liquor Hold Your Liquor
Earned by holding a rolling bottle before it alerts Jeff.
Achievement Flat Note Flat Note
Earned by killing Jeff.
Achievement Sound Strategy Sound Strategy
Earned by letting Jeff live.



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