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James R. French (born c. 1929[1] - December 21, 2017[2]), known as Jim French, was the voice actor for Father Grigori in Half-Life 2 and the Fisherman in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast.

He was mostly a radio personality and producer who has written and produced, as of 2008, over 627 radio shows, including The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series, which are now broadcast on over 120 stations in the U.S. and Canada, and are also heard on the XM Satellite Radio system all over North America. Actors in French's dramas have included Patty Duke, Tom Smothers, Keenan Wynn, Roddy MacDowall, Ruta Lee, John Astin, and Richard Sanders.

As a voice actor, he also provided the voice of Bill in Left 4 Dead, The Scientist in Gunman Chronicles (which also featured fellow Half-Life 2 voice actor Mary Kae Irvin), and Elder Titan in Dota 2. He had also written three books, Nauvoo, The Exiles, and a large format book about Seattle.


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