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The Ka-27 (also known as the Combine Helicopter) is a recycled soviet helicopter reused by the Combine that was cut from Half-Life 2. It was to be used by both the Combine and the Conscripts, (mainly the Combine).


2001 Storyline

Originally the Ka-27 was to first be seen in the 2001 storyline and many of its maps mainly being the Canals. It first appears in canals_01 (revision 002) once the player leaves a drainage pipe into the canals a sound of helicopter blades will appear and the player will see a Bullsquid running away from the sounds. Once outside the player will see three Combine Ka-27s flying over the canals and into the sky before despawning. Once proceeding if the player is fighting one of the Bullsquids or is done fighting a Ka-27 will appear flying to the right side of the canals before despawning.

28101881030 2001mappack3 (1)

The Ka-27s in canals_01.

In canals_02 (tenth revision) the Ka-27 can be seen flying above the bridges shooting a burst of slow autocannon shots at some of the Gas Mask Citizens underneath the bridge but will not notice the player. After killing a few combine soldiers and making it to another part of canals_02 (underneath another big bridge) after killing the Civil Protection unit the Ka-27 will fly underneath the bridge and start shooting at the player with its autocannon The Ka-27 will not be seen until the Early European era (also known as the Late 2001 - Early 2002).

Early European era

In the Early European era Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance were to head back to City 17 but crash in the Skyscraper instead, which was a abandoned museum. It was to be shot down by a Combine Gunship. The map known as jf-roof (revision 8b) was to feature Combine Soldiers and a Combine Gunship circling the Skyscraper. The Ka-27 wouldn't appear again until the 2003 storyline.

2003 Storyline

In the 2003 storyline variant the Ka-27 was to act the same way as the Hunter-Chopper did when first appeared and attack the player whenever it saw them. It would use its autocannon to shoot slow bursting shots at the player. It would keep dong so until the player proceeds into the next levels.

In d1_canals_2nd the Ka-27 was to appear again try to stop the player from exiting into Ravenholm but instead is distracted by the Barge driver and shoots a burst of slow autocannon shots at him though missing most of its shots still hits him a few times. The player would then line it up with the Propane Tank Launcher, shoot the propane tank and it would fly at the Ka-27 blowing it up instantly with only the pilots body falling from the sky.


4000 screenshots 20200215150201 1

Detail of the autocannon.

  • The Ka-27 are invulnerable to weapons that use bullets like the XM29 OICW or the AK-47, but they are weak when it comes to explosives. In certain maps in the 2003 version if the player was to spawn in a Resistance RPG and shoot it at the Ka-27 every once and a while a dead Combine Soldier corpse will spawn except in d1_canals_end where once used by either a propane tank or rocket it will be destroyed.
  • The helicopter throughout the beta cannot use its missile pods though at one point they possibly were too. Many fan recreations have been made to fix this issue though it is unlikely this feature will ever be fixed.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Ka-27 is based off the real life version of the Ka-27 known as the Soviet Kamov Ka-27 used by the Russian Military another one featured in Half-Life being the Mil Mi-8 the Ka-27's spiritual successor.


  • The Ka-27 does not use its Missle pods as there is no animations or scripted sequences for them.
  • The Autocannon acts like a turret and moves on its own when spotting a enemy.
  • In d1_canals_end once blown up only a pilot body will spawn once destroyed.
  • The C-130 is the predecessor to the Ka-27 in the Skyscraper sequence.
  • Its counterpart the Mil Mi-8 is however featured in Half-Life 2: Episode 2.
  • Unlike the Hunter-Chopper that has three propellers (The top, under and back rotors) the Ka-27 only has two both of which are on the top of the Helicopter. Instead the back tail of the Ka-27 has tail wings are on the back instead.



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