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"Yeah, I've got the clearance codes to the security station, but I'm not leaving until those soldiers down there have been cleared out. If you can't take 'em out, maybe you can seal them off. Either way, it's not safe for me to leave here."
Security guard[src]

Level 3 Dormitories[1][2] is a Black Mesa Research Facility area located within Sector C Test Labs, along the Sector C Line of the Black Mesa Transit System,[3] and connected to its Red Line.[4] It is divided in two wings, the South and North Wings, directly connected to the Transit System.


Dy dorms0039

The Cafeteria under HECU control.

This area is one of the only two personnel dormitories seen or mentioned during the games, the other being Area 8 Topside Dormitories. Level 3 Dormitories features the Dormitories themselves, featuring bedrooms for two persons, as well as the Library, the Cafeteria, and the Aquatic Center, featuring a large pool (the rules are "No running", "No horseplay", "No food or drinks", "No smoking", "No glass containers", and "No nudity"). Several areas also include carpeted lounges with widescreen televisions and vending machines.[2]

This is the area where Gordon Freeman lives while working at Black Mesa, and where he comes from at the very start of Half-Life. His dormitory (Dorm 309) can be explored and shows to be furnished with a bed, a television and a small bathroom with shower (although all the other dormitories except Montague's are dual bedrooms, it can be assumed their content is similar).[2]

That area is first introduced in Half-Life. Located along the Sector C Line, it is located right beside the Area 3 Medium Security Facilities and the High-Energy Particle Labs introduced in Blue Shift. It is seen again in the Decay chapter Domestic Violence, when Gina Cross and Colette Green must search the area for a security guard who would have the clearance codes to lift the military air traffic lockdown.

Behind the scenes

  • Originally very different, the north wing entrance featured in Half-Life and Blue Shift was redesigned for Half-Life: Decay.
  • Richard Keller was originally to accompany the women in the dorms.[5]


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