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Lighthouse Point is a Resistance base located along the Coast, seen during the Half-Life 2 chapter Sandtraps. It marks the end of Highway 17.


Lighthouse Point consists of three buildings and the lighthouse itself, set on a cliff overlooking the sea. One building is a garage, the other two serve as barracks and a mess hall. The lighthouse is the most important building of the base; it serves as a well-equipped fortified position and lookout, with a secret exit in the basement, leading to a cliff path.


Secret passage lighthouse medic

The secret path and the keypad that activates the door.

Half-Life 2

During the Half-Life 2 chapter Sandtraps, Gordon Freeman arrives at the base in his Scout Car. A Rebel who appears to be the commander greets him and notifies him that the Combine are looking for his vehicle. He then instructs Gordon to hide it in the garage. Shortly thereafter, the Combine mount an attack on the base. After helping the Rebels hold off several squads of Overwatch Soldiers offloaded by Combine Dropships and taking down a Combine Gunship from the top of the lighthouse, Gordon is then led to the secret entrance to the cliff path, and sent on his way. While navigating the cliff path, Gordon hears the sounds of combat above as the final wave of Combine soldiers mop up the remaining resistance, and sees a Dropship taking away the Scout Car. Soon after, the base is completely overrun, and all of its personnel are presumed killed or captured.

Behind the scenes

E3 Depot overall

The Depot, the prison, and the lighthouse in the map "e3_depot".

The lighthouse is a full model. It originally started as a brush on the Depot cliff in the early Depot / Nova Prospekt maps. There the Gunship battle was already to take place, then Gordon was to get inside the prison facility through the lighthouse's basement. It can be seen in WC mappack maps such as "wasteland_depot_outside.vmf," or "e3_depot.vmf," "depot_1.vmf," "proto_depot_approach.vmf," among others.




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