Reflection GelRelaxation VaultRepulsion Gel
ResistanceResistance CrossbowResistance RPG
Resistance communicationResonance CascadeRestrictor
Retinal scannerRichard KellerRiller
Riot ActRoad transportRob Heironimus
Robert CulpRobert GuillaumeRobot Enrichment
Robot GruntRocketRocket Sentry
Roller WandRollermineRosenberg
S. ReardonSDK (disambiguation)SMG1 (disambiguation)
SMG (disambiguation)SMODSMOD: Tactical
SPAS-12 (disambiguation)SacktickSamuel
Sand BarnacleSandySantego Military Base
Satchel ChargeScaling CubeScanner (disambiguation)
School BusScience Collaboration PointsScott Klintworth
Scout CarSection A-17 Prototype LabsSector A Training Facility
Sector B Coolant ReserveSector C Test LabsSector D Administration
Sector E Biodome ComplexSector F Lambda ComplexSector G Hydro Electric
Security CardSecurity camera (disambiguation)Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition
SelittoSeven Hour WarSharpe
SheckleyShield ScannerShock Roach
Shock TrooperShorepoint BaseSimmons
SnapbugSnarkSnark Mine
Sniper (disambiguation)Sniper Rifle (cut weapon)Sniper Rifle (disambiguation)
Socket WrenchSoldier (disambiguation)Sound Dog (disambiguation)
SourceSource Particle BenchmarkSource SDK
Spore LauncherSpriteSquad Following
St. OlgaStalkerStampeder
Standard HeadcrabStandard RationStandard Zombie
Stasis ChamberStation 12Station 21
Station 6Station 7Station 8
Station 9Stephen BahlStephen Merchant
Steve TheodoreSticking GelSticky Launcher
Still AliveStriderStukabat
Stun BatonSubmarineSuitCase
SuperportalSupply CrateSuppression Device
Suppression FieldSven Co-opSweet Half-Life
SynergySynthTactical Map
Tag: The Power of PaintTank (disambiguation)Tank Synth
Tau CannonTbot1Technical Trainstation
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