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This is a list of the locations featured in the Half-Life and Portal universe, listed by game, and in chronological order.

Half-Life and its expansions


Main Locations: Black Mesa Research Facility, Xen

Chapter Location
Hazard Course Sector A Training Facility
Black Mesa Inbound Level 3 Dormitories
Black Mesa Transit System
Anomalous Materials Sector C Test Labs
Unforeseen Consequences Sector C Test Labs
Sector B Coolant Reserve
Office Complex Sector D Administration
We've Got Hostiles
Blast Pit
Power Up Sector E Materials Transport
On A Rail
Residue Processing Biological Waste Processing Plant
Questionable Ethics Advanced Biological Research Lab
Surface Tension Topside Hydro Plant
Black Mesa desert
Topside Motorpool
Waste Processing Area 3
"Forget About Freeman!" Sector F Lambda Complex
Lambda Core
Xen Xen
Gonarch's Lair

Half-Life: Opposing Force

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Main Locations: Santego Military Base, Black Mesa Research Facility, Xen (Note: In all chapters after We Are Not Alone, Xen can be accessed using the Displacer Cannon's secondary fire.)

Chapter Location
Boot Camp Santego Military Base
Incoming Inside of a V-22 Osprey above the Black Mesa desert
Welcome to Black Mesa Black Mesa Medical Lab
Black Mesa Transit System
"We Are Pulling Out" Black Mesa Transit System
Missing in Action ?
Friendly Fire Sector E Materials Transport
Sector F Lambda Complex
We Are Not Alone Sector F Lambda Complex
Sector A Training Facility (Displacer Cannon)
Crush Depth Sector E Biodome Complex

Xen (Displacer Cannon)

Vicarious Reality
Pit Worm's Nest Waste Processing Area 3
Xen (Displacer Cannon)
Foxtrot Uniform Sector G Hydro Electric
Xen (Displacer Cannon)
"The Package" Sector E Materials Transport

Xen (Displacer Cannon)

Worlds Collide
Conclusion Various Locations, inside of a V-22 Osprey

Half-Life: Blue Shift

Main Locations: Black Mesa Research Facility, Xen

Chapter Location
Hazard Course Sector A Training Facility
Living Quarters Outbound Area 8 Topside Dormitories
Black Mesa Transit System
Insecurity Black Mesa Transit System
Area 3 Medium Security Facilities
Duty Calls Sector G Hydro Electric
Captive Freight Freight Yard
Focal Point Section A-17 Prototype Labs
Power Struggle Section A-17 Prototype Labs
A Leap of Faith
Deliverance Black Mesa South Access

Half-Life: Decay

Chapter Location
Dual Access Sector C Test Labs
Hazardous Course Sector A Training Facility
Surface Call
Resonance Sector C Test Labs
Black Mesa Transit System
Domestic Violence Black Mesa Transit System
Level 3 Dormitories
Code Green Black Mesa Air Control
Crossfire Gamma Labs
Intensity Alien Quarantine Labs
Rift Gamma Labs
Xen Attacks Xen
Sector E Materials Transport

Half-Life 2 and its episodes

Half-Life 2

Main Locations: City 17 and The Wasteland

Chapter Location
Point Insertion City 17 Trainstation
"A Red Letter Day" Kleiner's Lab
Route Kanal Station 12
Station 6
Water Hazard Station 7
Gate 5
APC garage
Black Mesa East Black Mesa East
"We Don't Go To Ravenholm..." Ravenholm
Highway 17 Shorepoint Base
New Little Odessa
Dock 137
Petroleum Station
Bridge Point
Sandtraps Lighthouse Point
Vortigaunt Camp
Nova Prospekt Nova Prospekt
Entanglement Depot
Anticitizen One Kleiner's Lab
"Follow Freeman!" Overwatch Nexus
Our Benefactors Citadel
Dark Energy

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Half-Life 2: Episode One

Main Location: City 17

Chapter Location
Undue Alarm Citadel
Direct Intervention Citadel Core
Lowlife City 17 Underground
Urban Flight Hospital
Exit 17 Technical Trainstation

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Main Location: The Outlands

Chapter Location
To the White Forest Victory Mine
This Vortal Coil
Freeman Pontifex
Riding Shotgun The Outlands
Under the Radar White Forest Inn
Our Mutual Fiend White Forest
T-Minus One

Portal series


Portal 2

Main location: Aperture Science Enrichment Center

Chapter Location
The Courtesy Call Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center
GLaDOS' Testing Track (Portal)
Central AI Chamber
Incinerator Room
The Cold Boot GLaDOS' Testing Track (Portal 2)
The Return
The Surprise
The Escape Turret Manufacturing
Employee Daycare Center
Neurotoxin Generator
Central AI Chamber
The Fall Test Shaft 09
The Reunion
The Itch Wheatley's Testing Track
The Part Where He Kills You Central AI Chamber
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