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The M202A1 FLASH is a rocket launcher used by the HECU along the Black Mesa Transit System.


The M202A1 is used by the HECU in checkpoints around the Black Mesa Research Facility, mostly in the Transit System. It fires powerful rockets that can cause significant damage if it directly impacts the target. Its splash damage is significant as well, so one should try to avoid being near a wall when an M202A1 fires. It cannot be used by the player.


  • Enemies using the M202A1 are easy to kill, as they are immobile while using the weapon. A Mk 2 Grenade or MP5 grenade is enough to kill the weapon controller in one shot.
  • Unlike the M2, it is possible and easy to avoid projectiles fired by the M202A1, as it makes a loud sound when firing and its rockets are slow enough to be avoided by strafing.


  • The M202A1 fires the same rockets as that of the RPG; by obtaining the RPG early with the console command, its laser can turn the M202A1 rockets away.
  • The marine behind the M202A1 is not hostile and will not shoot at the player, even if standing directly in front of him or the player attacks him. This is fixed in the Source version, though the second M202A1 user is still same as the original Half-Life.

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