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Imagecat.png This article is about the HECU APC. For the Combine APC, see Armored Personnel Carrier.

The M2A3 Bradley is a US military infantry fighting vehicle used by the HECU during the Black Mesa Incident. Its main uses are to transport troops around the facility and provide them support with heavy firepower.


Rocket launcher Bradley in the Topside Motorpool in Half-Life.

  • The most effective way to destroy the Bradley is explosives (such as the RPG) or other heavy weapons such as the Tau Cannon. Small arms fire can also do damage to the Bradley by shooting the turret, though this is extremely slow and not recommended.
  • Two types of Bradleys can be found in the games: one equipped with a 25mm cannon, another with a rocket launcher. The rocket-equipped Bradleys are easier to destroy due to their slo projectile velocity. The cannon-equipped Bradleys are more difficult to destroy. Not only do they shoot faster, but they also have decent accuracy.
  • When on top of it, the Bradley can be easily destroyed with the crowbar. Although Bradley will explode once destroyed, it does not damage the player.
  • Unlike the M1A1 Abrams tank, the Bradley's turret can swivel 360 degrees, making it impossible to sneak up on the vehicle from behind. However, the rotation speed is relatively slow, and the player can run around it while striking hits on its turret
  • It is possible to redirect the Bradley's own rocket at itself with the HECU RPG's laser sight.

Behind the scenes

  • Unused camouflage textures for the Bradley can be found in the Half-Life game files. It is unknown whether they were used in old builds of Half-Life or are leftovers of the early Team Fortress 2 .
  • Although a model is present in the Decay files, it does not appear in-game. Its only animations are related to the back door opening (used during its appearance Topside Motorpool in Half-Life), and for the turret rotation. The inside textures are not completed like in the brush versions seen in-game.
  • When first encountered in Surface Tension, it is possible for the player to use non-explosive weaponry (such as the Glock and the crowbar) to destroy the vehicle. However, should the player use the crowbar and attempt to eliminate the Bradley, it will cause the game to freeze. This has been fixed in Source version.


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