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The M2 Browning Machine Gun, commonly known simply as the Browning Machine Gun or the M2, is a heavy machine gun used by the HECU and the Black Ops in several areas of Black Mesa.


Black ops browning

Male Black Op manning an M2 in Opposing Force.

  • Manned by a single person, it is used on a tripod to provide fire support and/or fortify crucial points, such as important locations of the Materials Transport or other areas of Black Mesa.
  • Most of the time, sandbags around the tripod and armored shields on the barrel provide additional protection to the gunner. The shields are cosmetic.
  • The weapon has infinite ammo, doesn't overheat, and the added protection of the fortifications behind which it is usually found. However, the turret imposes a limited firing arc, and one is exceedingly vulnerable from anywhere it can't cover.
  • During Half-Life, Gordon Freeman is able to turn it against HECU soldiers, notably in the Black Mesa Transit System.


  • Enemies using the M-2 are easy to kill, as they are immobile while using it. A single Mk 2 Grenade or MP5 Grenade is enough to kill the enemy manning the weapon.
  • Presence of the machine gun usually indicates a likely wave of enemies; the machine gun should be manned as soon as possible.
  • The M-2 is extremely powerful, firing five rounds in the head or chest area are required to kill a H.E.C.U Marine most efficiently. However, constant awareness is required, the player should be ready to dismount from the weapon as soon as they are overrun or attacked from behind.


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