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"Ah this sucks i'm going for it! You want me? You want some of me?"

Manvridge was a conscript soldier that was cut from half-life 2. He only appears in e3_sniper and sniper_029. He was led by Captain Vance and was one of his men during The Uprising.


Screenshot2019-0725at3.15.33AM (1)

Manvridge with his helmet on.

Manvridge has the default conscript model in the Beta. Originally he had a helmet and much more different clothing on instead of just a Flak Jacket and Cargo Pants. The Helmet was later added by the Half-Life 2 Beta team.


Originally Manvridge had a helmet but for some reason it doesn't appear at all in e3_sniper nor sniper_029. In sniper_029 and e3_sniper he has a XM29 OICW. He also wore a flak jacket as well.


In both e3_sniper and sniper_029 his mission is to help Captain Vance and the rest of the Conscripts get Peters out of the destroyed APC. But there is a Sniper with a bolt action rifle above the wrecked APC. So Manvridge gets a little bit cocky with himself and Blind Fires the XM29 OICW and doesn't hit the sniper. Vance tells him to stop but Manvridge calls him, Gordon and his other Conscript partners that they're " pussies ". After Vance tells Gordon to help them Mandvridge yells he's gonna go for it and gets shot and killed by the Sniper. Originally in sniper_029 after he said You want some of me" he added " Get it! Get it! ".


  • Manvridge has the same model as Vance and Peters in Sniper_029.
  • Manvridge and Peter's probably knew eachother even before sniper_029.


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