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"Ah this sucks I'm going for it! You want me? You want some of me?"

Manwich (Also known as Animal ). was a Conscript soldier that was cut from Half-Life 2. He only appears in the beta map "sniper_029". He was led by Captain Vance and was one of his men during The Uprising. He was also to be friends with Peters as well.


Manwich has the default conscript model in the Beta. Originally he had a helmet and much more different clothing on instead of just a Flak Jacket and Cargo Pants. The Helmet was later added over at Project Beta.


Originally Manwich had a helmet but for some reason it doesn't appear at all "sniper_029". In "sniper_029", he has a XM29 OICW. He also wore a PASGT vest as well.


In the beta map "sniper_029" his mission was to help Captain Vance and the rest of the Conscripts save Peters and get him out of the destroyed APC. But there is a Overwatch Sniper with a bolt action rifle above the wrecked APC making it really hard to reach the APC. So Manwich (as he gets a bit over himself) blind fires at the Overwatch Sniper. As Manwich keeps blindfring Vance tells to stay put as he doesn't want him to get shot. Manwich just calls him a "pussy" and the conversation ends there. While Vance talks to Gordon and tells him to cover Manwich he yells that he's gonna "go for it" and as he runs he yell's "You want me? You want some of me?" only to get killed by the Overwatch Sniper. Another conscript calls out his name to report to other conscripts Manwich is down.


  • Manwich has the same model as Vance and Peters in "sniper_029" but it was later updated as Captain Vance was to use his Citizen then Conscript model.
  • The blind-fire animations is reused for the another conscript later in the level where if Gordon was to stand by or behind him the Conscript will start to blind fire at the Overwatch Sniper.