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"―Why do we always have to clean up the mess the grunts can't handle?
―Tell me about it I just want to deliver the package and get out of here.
―Yeah sooner or later the grunts are gonna figure it out.
―Maxiron and Jakerockwell [src]

Maxiron and Jakerockwell are two Black Ops soldiers that appear in Half-Life: Opposing Force. They appear in Chapter 5: Friendly Fire.


When Adrian Shepard finds the both of them guarding a M35 cargo truck as if the player was to disable enemies from attack the player they will both talk about why they have to clean up the mess the HECU make and that they want to deliver the " package " as sooner or later the grunts will figure it out (which Adrian finds out later).

Both of them will react if the player brakes the vent and will turn around to attack as the dialogue will stop abruptly. While in the room there are other black ops soldiers in the same area around boxes.


  • Jake Rockwell is a character from the Centurions making him apart of the developers joking around with the entity names.



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