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The Merkava is a vehicle cut from Half-Life 2. A recycled Israeli main battle tank, it was meant to be used by the Conscripts and the Combine.[1]


Merkava Tank attacking the Combine

Merkava Tank attacking the Combine. dropship scene

It can be found in several WC mappack maps, such as "sky_walk10.vmf" (with a dark skin, a secondary gun and an antenna), or "sniper_029.vmf" (with camouflage skin, no antenna and no secondary gun). It was cut along with the Conscripts, the APC being the only armored fighting vehicle left in the final version of the game.


  • Four tank sounds originally used by the Merkava[1] are still in the Half-Life 2 sound files, in the folder "/sound/vehicles/", while six are in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta sound files, in the same folder.
  • The Tank actually has AI and can shoot at the player in the playable Beta.

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