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What follows is a list of the minor Black Mesa employees who are not directly involved in the games' plot.


Anomalous Materials Lab lockers


In the locker room of Sector C's Anomalous Materials Lab visited in Half-Life, each locker bears the name of a Valve employee. The names include:


The following name tags were not included in the final game but can still be found in the Half-Life texture files.

Area 3 Security Facilities lockers

In the security guard locker room of Sector C's Area 3 Medium Security Facilities visited in Blue Shift, the lockers bears the name of Gearbox employees. The names include:

  • Trock.
  • Kooy.
  • Phillips.
  • Lombardi, a nod to Doug Lombardi, the only non-Gearbox employee nodded to there.
  • Cassello.
  • Fase.
  • Bass.
  • O'Conner.
  • Beier.
  • Pauly.

Level 3 Dormitories

In the personnel dormitories of Sector C's Level 3 Dormitories visited in Half-Life: Decay, each room except two is occupied by two people, all named after Gearbox employees (except Gordon Freeman). The names include:

South Wing

  • 303: Montague, a nod to Michael Montague. Him and Freeman are the only residents who don't share their room.

North Wing

Room 309 is not listed as it is Freeman's, where he lives alone.


Several announcements directed to scientists and security guards are made in Half-Life, most of the time before and after the Resonance Cascade in Sector C. Half of them are nods to Valve employees.

  • Backman, a nod to Ted Backman, he is a security guard Lieutenant mentioned in the message "Lieutenant Backman and cleanup team to Sub-Level 3".
  • Bailey, a nod to Kelly Bailey, he is a security guard Sergeant mentioned in the message "Sergeant Bailey to Topside Checkpoint Bravo.".
  • Birdwell, a nod to Ken Birdwell, he is a scientist mentioned in the message "Dr. Birdwell reports superconducting interchange is activated.".
  • Coomer, a nod to Greg Coomer, he is a security guard Agent mentioned in the message "Agent Coomer, report to Topside Tactical Operations Center.".
  • Guthrie, a nod to John or Mona Lisa Guthrie, he is a security guard Sergeant mentioned in the message "Sergeant Guthrie, report to Topside Motorpool immediately.".
  • Johnson, a nod to Brett Johnson, he is a scientist mentioned in the message "Dr. Johnson, please call Observation Tank 1." in Sector C.
  • Victor, scientist mentioned in the message "Dr. Victor, report to Supercooled Laser Lab please.".


  • Louis Donaldson, a scientist involved in the research of creatures found on Xen prior to the Black Mesa Incident. During his work, he became the discoverer of the Barnacle creature, but unfortunately also its first victim. The Barnacle's full name, Cirripedia donaldsonia, was subsequently named after him.[3] His name is a nod to Louise Donaldson, thanked in the Half-Life credits.
  • S. Jones, a nod to Steven Jones, he is a scientist whose corpse is seen in Opposing Force, lying near his desk on which is name tag is seen. He was presumably working on the Displacer Cannon with his nearby colleague S. Reardon, also dead. He also appears to own or have been using a Glock 17, as one is seen on his desk.
  • Smithers, scientist who appears in the Half-Life level Blast Pit. During the Black Mesa Incident, Silo D-02's power generator has to be started up to defeat the Tentacles in Silo D-01, and Smithers is sent to restart it. It is likely he encounters some Xen aliens on the way there, because instead of restarting the generator, he decides to hide on top of the generator until the crisis ends. Having failed to start the generator and failed to return, Smithers' colleague met below by Freeman assumes he has been killed and states he did not attempt to restart the generator himself. Later, Gordon comes down to restart the generator. Upon stepping onto the device, he encounters Smithers, who refuses to move until the situation drastically improves. Freeman restarts the generator and leaves, while Smithers is gibbed by an arching electrical current.
  • S. Reardon, a nod to Sean Reardon, he is a scientist whose corpse is seen in Opposing Force, lying near his desk on which is name tag is seen. He was presumably working on the Displacer Cannon with his nearby colleague S. Jones, also dead. In Blue Shift, the same name tag can be found on the desk in the office where Harold has retreated.
  • Tolman, a scientist who worked with Doctors Rosenberg and Keller at the time of the Resonance Cascade. During the experiment on GG-3883, he was to power up the secondary magnetic charges. He was killed by the surge of destruction immediately following the incident. Rosenberg was frightened and alerted by his death, but Keller brushed it off in the face of the disaster.
  • Van Buren, a nod to Bill Van Buren, he is a scientist who occupied an office in Sector D's Administration Offices. Left of the office door is a sign with his name, with "Diplomatic Relations" under it. When Gordon Freeman reaches the office, a scientist jumps through the window; this may be him. Inside the office are a shotgun, ammo for it and two Medkits.



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