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This article is about the early character. For his successor, see Odessa Cubbage.
"Hey, here's a thought: I've got a cigarette lighter, you've got a gun... Maybe you should go first."

Odell,[1][2] originally known as Owen,[2] is a character cut from Half-Life 2. He is the predecessor to Odessa Cubbage, with another outfit and without the moustache.[2]


Odessa Cubbage's model, based on the martial arts instructor of one of the game's developers, was originally intended for a character named "Odell" who was to be met before the cut Borealis chapter.[1][2][3]

Odell was to be the engineer of the Borealis, a science ship stranded in the ice that was discovered and attacked by the Combine. Odell was to be the only remaining crew member. Gordon was apparently to reach the Borealis with him on a tugboat after the Air Exchange chapter, search the ship for any survivors and then leave the ship in a submarine to Kraken Base.[1][2]

According to the Half-Life 2 Beta sound files, Odell's personality was to be that of a sarcastic, ironic man, making remarks in the vein of that of Barney's.


  • In the WC mappack maps, Odell's model appears often. It was used for measurements, light tests and place-holders (Alyx's model also alternatively fills this role). It also appears to be often used as a place-holder for Captain Vance in the Air Exchange maps.
  • Odell and the Borealis chapter are included in the mod Missing Information.


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