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This subject is from the Combine era.
Imagecat.png This article is about the Half-Life: Alyx Resistance character. For the non-canonical location, see St. Olga.
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Olga is a Resistance member and a minor character who appears in Half-Life: Alyx. She only appears twice, near the beginning of the game. She informs Alyx Vance that Civil Protection has been riled up due to a disturbance. She is then calmed by Alyx, who continues towards the Resistance Safe House.


Half-Life: Alyx


Behind the scenes


  • Olga uses multiple assets from a cut character named Hann, as her Jumpsuit and beanie filenames have the name and her Jumpsuit even says Hann on it, but her head is original and fitted onto the model. Before, she wore an Red Parka, Blue Jeans, and Work Boots and had her Beanie still intact until the Hann model swap.