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This subject is from the Black Mesa Incident era.This is a safe article.
Imagecat.png This article is about the standalone character. For the generic Black Mesa security guard, see Black Mesa Security Force.

"Hey uh, you wouldn’t have a quarter I can borrow, would ya?"
―Otis Laurey[src]

Otis Laurey[1] is an overweight Black Mesa security guard whose name can be seen in the Hazard Course Training schedule for the spring/summer season featured in the Half-Life PlayStation 2 instruction manual. He was to take the Black Mesa Hazard Course for Security Guard Training on May 17, 200-, at 16:00, under the Miller-based holographic instructor. A Hand-written note in red ink suggests that the writer would like to have Barney be the live instructor for Otis' Training, rather than Miller's Hologram. Whatever was decided, it never happened, as Black Mesa was destroyed that day. His fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes

  • Otis Laurey appears in the schedule only as "O. Laurey", "O" obviously referring to "Otis", the security guard "class" introduced in Opposing Force. Like Gina Cross, Walter Bennet and Barney Calhoun, he is a generic model with a generic first name turned into a standalone character with a surname. It is however unknown what "Otis" model Laurey would be, since he is never met in-game.


  • Strangely, the Black version of Otis does not appear in any of the Half-Life games.
  • The early helmet version of Otis still has this same appearance for his Multiplayer model in the final game.
  • When the player has low health, Otis will say "I hope the military has good medical insurance."
  • Otis's name, like Barney's, is a reference to a character from The Andy Griffith Show, in this case Otis Campbell.


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