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The Panther Eye,[1] also known as Panthereye, is a Xen enemy cut from Half-Life. While not in the game files, its source files can be found in the Half-Life SDK files, where its folder bears the name "Diablo".

Behavior and skills[]

  • Roughly the size of a panther, it was to throw its victims on the ground and attack them somehow with its absurdly placed mouth and some sort of beige tongue located behind its chin, while blocking them with its paws.
  • Their unusually placed mouths are shared with the Houndeyes.
  • It was also to slash victims with the claws of its upper paws.
  • Other animations see it crawling on its belly so that its victim cannot notice it.
  • It was to run very fast, making it a very efficient opponent, and waving its tail while being idle.
  • Overall, its behavior was to be more or less like a panther or any feline animal from earth, hence its name.
  • In certain footages, they also have the ability to jump at great lengths and much more higher than what a peak human would achieve through strenuous training, like being able to jump over a line of crates in a single attempt without landing on them first.


  • According to Chuck Jones' ArtStation page, the Panther Eye was pulled because the game "had feet sliding issues with quadrupeds."[2]
  • In the Half-Life Alpha files, some true sound files of the Panther Eye are there. However, it did not have any A.I during that point in development and it was cut soon afterward.
  • Some of the sounds intended for the Panther Eye has been reused for the Gargantua.




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