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The Penguin is a weapon present in the multiplayer mode of Half-Life: Opposing Force, Capture the Flag.


The Penguin is used as a biological weapon, it can be found in nests that have the appearance of a snowman holding a sign that reads "Beware the Penguins!"; each nest contains 3 penguins. The penguin has a grenade attached to it, and thus is much more powerful than the snark due to the devastating explosion; the penguin also travels farther when thrown.

Successive penguins are thrown slower than snarks, as each one can only be thrown every 2 seconds compared to 0.3 seconds for the snarks. Furthermore, a maximum of 9 penguins can be carried at a time compared to 15 for the snarks.


Penguins can be obtained via cheats in singleplayer mode, along with the standard snarks. However, it can only be done with the "give weapon_penguin" command.


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