"" Sure hope that medic's s-still alive. " "
Peters is a character cut from Half-Life 2. He only appears in e3_sniper and sniper_026. He along side Manvridge are part of the Conscripts.


Peters appears to have he exact same model as Manvidge. Manvirdge apparently knew Peters by yelling " Hang on Peters were gonna get you outta there! " meaning Manvridge and Peters probably were friends. In sniper_029 and e3_sniper the reason Peters is hurt is because the APC he was in got destroyed by a landmine. He is still in the APC but injured.


Peters holds a XM29 OICW on him on his right arm. He doesn't shoot it but holds on to weapon at all times.

Half Life 2 Beta - Saving Private Peters

Half Life 2 Beta - Saving Private Peters

Peters being saved by Gordon Freeman

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