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"Sure hope that medic's s-still alive."

Peters is a character cut from Half-Life 2. He only appears in e3_sniper and sniper_026. He along side Manvridge are part of the Conscripts.


Peters appears to have the exact same model as Manvridge. Manvridge apparently knew Peters by yelling "Hang on Peters were gonna get you outta there!" meaning Manvridge and Peters probably were friends. In sniper_029 and e3_sniper the reason Peters is hurt is because the APC he was in got destroyed by a landmine. He is still in the APC but injured.


Peters holds a XM29 OICW on him on his right arm. He doesn't shoot it but holds on to weapon at all times.

Half Life 2 Beta - Saving Private Peters

Half Life 2 Beta - Saving Private Peters


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