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"Sure hope that medic's s-still alive."

Peters is a minor character cut from Half-Life 2. He only appears in "sniper_029". He alongside Manwich is part of the cut Combine and undercover Resistance units known as the Conscripts.


Peters appears to have the exact same model as Manwich. Manwich apparently knew Peters by yelling "Hang on Peters were gonna get you outta there!" meaning Manwich and Peters probably were friends. In "sniper_029" the reason Peters is hurt is that the APC he was in got destroyed by a landmine. He was luckily protected from the Overwatch Sniper.


Peters holds an XM29 OICW in his right arm. He, like Manwich and the other conscripts, wears black boots and a flak jacket. He also wears green fingerless gloves.


Half Life 2 Beta - Saving Private Peters





  • The model for the FIM-92 Stinger is still used is "sniper_029" but instead once picked up its an RPG.
  • Peters mentions an unnamed Medic before the level ends it is unknown who the medic could have been but it was possible that there was a Conscript Medic at one point during the game's development.

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