The Pipe is a melee weapon that appears in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It is used Manhack Matt and Eli Vance.


Half-Life 2

As seen in Half-Life 2 it is first seen in Half-Life 2 chapter Route Canal. As Matt tells Gordon Freeman that the Resistance is pulling off from the railroad and that they're trying to cover up their appearance just before Matt can help Gordon on his journey by letting him through he looks through his metal door and three Manhacks appear breaking down the metal door and starts to lunge at them. Matt will then grab a metal pipe on the ground and as him and Gordon take out the Manhacks together. Matt will let Gordon take his supplies as he refuses to go with in case anyone else may come through. He also drops the pipe to not use it anymore. The player would then hear him screaming then if he goes back he'll be found dead by by another Manhack.

Episode Two

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After arriving to the main hangar to fly away to the Borealis, Alyx and Eli give their goodbyes but two Advisors break into the hangar through a glass window and proceed to use telekinesis to pin Alyx and Gordon on a wall. Eli would then grab a nearby pipe swinging at one of the advisors and landing a hit on it though not doing much damage. The advisor then smacks it out of his hands as Eli falls on the ground.

Behind the Scenes

  • Originally the player was to use the pipe as a melee weapon in Half-Life 2 though this feature was cut from the game.



  • Manhack Matt is the first and only time a NPC can pick up a melee weapon and use them unlike Metro Cops spawned in with their Stun Sticks.
  • Manhack Matt uses the melee animation like how other Rebels or Citizens would though this feature was cut as if they were to pick up Gordon's Crowbar they'd do a T/A- Pose and possibly wouldn't move.

List of Appearances

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